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View our Font Style Selection Tips section for tips on selecting the best font style option.
We have provided a few tips to help you select the best font style for your personalized gift. Please use non-script font styles with UPPER CASE text as UPPER CASE text does not look best with script typefaces. Please note the engravers may select an alternative font style if the font style chosen will not look optimal on your personalized gift. The non-interlocking initials option is for use with initials only - as all letters engraved will be the same size. Today, people use monograms to personalize stationery, adorn luggage, create beautiful embroidery on clothing, among many other things. Little Lord Fontleroy is a popular favorite in DIY circles, most likely because of its outline effect that makes it easy to transfer onto textiles as an embroidery. An elegant initial monogram font that you can use for weddings, engagement parties as well as for embroideries and logos. The elaborate swashes of this font makes it a great option for making traditional monogram designs. A handwritten thin font that’s perfect to use in creating monograms for weddings and in anything you want to look elegant.
Catalog > Best Seller Monogrammed Infinity Scarf-Solid, Stripes, Chevron or Prints, More colors! Thread color options: If there is another color that you'd like please contact us as we can do just about any color.
I am familiar with Microsoft Word and Elements software programs, but I am sure there are other programs that will work.

To resize a text box:  Hover your mouse over one of the buttons and wait for the 2-sided arrow symbol to appear, once it does – click and drag to desired size. 7.  If you change the size of your font and part of it gets hidden in the text box – click one of the corner buttons on the text box and drag to the size needed to reveal the entire letter again.
When you click on the letter after you removed the outline of the text box around it, you will see a faded outline of the text box appear. Please note, the letters' final jewelry design may look different as it may be affected by combination of letters in your name initial.
All designs fit the 4x4 hoop and are perfect for your upcoming Graduation gift stitching!  Unique, one of a kind ORIGINAL Monogram font set, you won't see these anywhere else!
Established in 2003, Five Star Fonts Embroidery specializes in Fun and Unique Machine Embroidery Monograms and Fonts, Designs and Easy In the Hoop Embroidery Projects!Our designs have been featured several times in Designs In Machine Embroidery Magazine and Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine. Usually, monograms are formed by combining the initials of a person or a married couple or a company, to be used for identity and branding materials or as recognizable symbols or logos.
Also, married or engaged couples use two-letter monograms of their entwined initials, for example on wedding invitations or as a display on top of their wedding cake. However, there are actually fonts out there are specifically designed and better suited for making monograms. Of course, you can also use it in your digital documents and projects, especially if you’re going for a retro look.
To make the monograms, you need to be able to move the type layers or text boxes, make them transparent,  and overlap them.
When you click inside the text box, the frame will appear with buttons at each corner.  Clicking on the buttons is how you size and move the text boxes around on the page. These will help you align the letters, bullets, or any flourishes you add.   The gridlines will not show up when you print.

Just click inside them to remove the text.  When working in text boxes you will see a tab along the top row of tools. To align and overlap the letters – Highlight the letter to show the faded outline of the text box. Artists and craftsmen have been the first to use monograms as signatures on paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture.
For married couples, their monogram may include three letters combining their initial of their shared last name. In this post, we put together the best 18 monogram and embroidery fonts that you can download and use for free in your designs. To change it- highlight the bullet  by clicking on it, then go to the Home Tab – Font size bar to change it, then click – Enter. These fonts are prefect for making trendy logos for yourself or for a business, wedding invitations, business cards, stationery, brochures, etc. Most of these fonts are free only for noncommercial usage although there are some that carry a generous license.
Check out the individual licenses to be sure, especially if you intend to use them for commercial purposes.

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