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When I started the Tattoo Art Project I was amazed by all the talent I encountered on both the web and in magazines. I know for sure that Sandor Pongor’s contribution to the 10 songs from a life project will be truly amazing, no doubt in my mind! That’s why I’m extremely excited to announce that Sandor Pongor has now also joined the project!

But I believe that it was when I saw this back piece in a magazine I realized that the best artists¬†aren’t always the ones that are the most famous.
Comme de nombreux rappeurs il cultive avec de nombreux tatouages qu’il devoile dans ses clips une image melangeant les codes des milieux du gangsta rap, du luxe et du show business dans lesquels il evolue. In my¬†opinion, a tattoo artist like Sandor Pongor may not be super famous…yet, but he has an artistic originality and unique style within the realistic genre that just blows my mind!!

Knowing that Sandor also has a really interesting traditional paninting and drawing style, that makes me even more stoked that he is joining this project.

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