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There’s plenty to consider when getting ink, but the most obvious things to consider is the artists ability, and whether you want it done in black and grey, or color. With plenty of great color tattoo artists in the game, Vic Vivid is definitely a top contender in the world of heavyweights. The realism of his pieces are striking, his use of colors is powerful and in the words of  Rich Homie Quan, his work will make you feel some type of way.
To see more of his gallery click here. The depth of his work is indescribable and to be honest, these pictures do it no justice.

So in your hunt to find a good color tattoo artist, keep in mind that there’s levels to this game so take a look around and see what suits your style best. Now when it comes to color tattoos, resident artist Vic Vivid is a name that’s becoming really familiar with a lot of folks.

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