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The unidentified man's body art has been declared the "world's worst portrait tattoo" by the numerous people who shared the picture of the piece on the Internets over the last five years, according to Gawker. In a message to The Huffington Post, Versago's assistant, said his boss is a "photo realism and cartoon realism specialist" which would seem to make him perfect for the project. CORRECTION: In a previous version of this story, the name of the tattoo studio was misidentified.
Wild Bill's has always been a place where, when it comes to your tattoo,tolerance & creativity thrive.
We would like to thank our loyal customers who travel great distances & come from all walks of life for their continued support.
We are an established landmark in the city of Roseville & enjoy a long lasting relationship in the community. I don’t want people to think we are square or judge mental but our shop policy has always been not to tattoo on hands faces or necks. With a love of motorcycles that was passed down from his father, (also named Bill) the younger Bill rode around on his Harley, raising hell.
Traveling to places holding Tattoo and motorcycle events, like Florida, Virginia, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Arizona, Utah, Chicago, Georgia, New York, L.A.
With 1,000's of photos published in Tattoo Magazine, Skin Art, Easyriders, In The Wind, Iron Horse, Outlaw Biker and Biker Lifestyle, Bill soon found shooting cover photos the most rewarding.
Bill went on to become the studio and cover photographer for Skin Art Magazine, Tattoo Expo, Tattoo Tour, Tattoos for Men, and Tattoos for Women. When he wasn’t traveling, Bill tattooed his subjects, and this developed into a very busy career of tattooing.
Wild Bill is both a tapestry of artwork and an artist- winning awards in both categories, plus for his business. Bill entered and won the logo contest in 1984 for the anniversary logo on Roseville’s outgoing mail cancellation mark, so all the outgoing mail bears his artwork. Pain: This sensation is one feared by many people who are wishing to get a few tattoos of their own.
With a love of electronics and tinkering passed down from his father, he built his first tattoo machine at age 14 out of wood and a doorbell buzzer.
He found that hanging out exchanging ideas and picking the brains of every older more experienced tattooist and machine builders he met let him to come up with his own concepts of how machines should be built. It just does not work that way, and they will realize that when someone that works for them opens up down the street. Thinking he needed an Asian tattooist to achieve the oriental look, Bill found Pinky Yang of Alameda. Bill began hanging out at Henry Goldfield's on the famous Broadway in San Francisco watching the work of Greg Irons.
Afterwards Ed invited me to a dinner with about ten other people with body suits in progress at the Japan center.

I kept running into the work of Brian Everett at conventions and started to watch his work very closely.
Brian Everett and Jack Rudy, two of Bill's tattoo mentors, got him started going to custom car shows, which became an obsession with him. But most important, he has surrounded himself with ten of the most dedicated & talented tattoo artists around. Everything we use for tattooing, with the exception of our machines, is single service use. Our tattoo artists & piercer's are required to explain procedures prior to your tattoo, or piercing.
He never saw a tattoo studio until 1972 at age 17, when he walked into one- and knew at that moment that’s what he wanted to do with his life.
Noted for partying a bit too much and for his scrapes with the law- he acquired the nickname 'Wild Bill'. New Orleans, San Diego, Texas and Seattle- he could always be found with a camera shooting photos everywhere he went and submitting them to magazines. The chrome 1966 shovelhead motorcycle he’s owned for over 37 years has been the centerfold and on the cover of more magazines than any other motorcycle to this date. He also shot tattooed bands such as White Zombie, The Cadillac Tramps, The Alley Boys and Mud Helmet.
Working out of a little tattoo shop in his bedroom closet he started to use plastic and then aluminum for his machines. I remember getting tattooed by Bill Liberty and showing him my drawings and the tattoo machines I had built with aspirations of opening my own tattoo shop. I can’t help but wonder if someone says 'nice tattoo, who did it?' -if they're honest and say it was done right down the street.
Starting work at ten in the morning and wearing a tie while he worked was not what I was used to. I had been writing the president of the tattoo club of Japan and he had sent me some art work of a tattooed Japanese woman. He was a well know comic book artist that had not been tattooing all that long, but was doing fantastic black and gray work. With a good portion of past and current team members coming in and getting tattooed, including: Chris Webber, Jayson Williams, Keon Clark, Bobby Jackson, Scot Pollard, Brad Miller and Mike Bibby. His passion for Auto Cross and racing his cars at the track at Laguna Seca is still strong. He has attended over 50 shows and has a whole wall of trophies that he received for his tattoos.
Believing that a steel frame would have a loss in quality because the magnetic memory (becoming magnetized) would distort the electromagnetic field generated by the coils, led him to never use anything but aluminum machines to tattoo his whole career. He has over 100 machines in his collection- mostly aluminum, single coil or custom one-of-a-kind machines. A lot of the time I would be tattooed by Ed 6-8 hours and then get worked on by Bob 3-4 hours.

Bill was fortunate to be able to get some portrait work done by Greg before he passed away much too young. A lot of Ed will always be with me, (not just because he did the majority of my tattoos) but because he had a very large impact on my life. Helping Billy in the studios they would set up in hotel rooms at tattoo conventions taught him a lot about shooting layouts for the magazines.
The shop was named Sacramento's Number One Tattoo Studio of 2008 by the Sacramento Business Journal. I drew every spare moment I had, a lot of the time with a pen, so it was a lot like tattooing because there is no eraser.
He disdains the mentality of many of the new-generation tattooists that have no respect for the people that gave them an opportunity to learn the art of tattooing. All the days proceeds for tattoos, piercings, jewelry, shirts and even the artist's tips, for the U.C. He went on to tell me the story behind the portrait; He had just married his beautiful wife and not even three months afterwards she was killed in a horrible house fire accident leaving him to raise their three children alone. He was booked up but he introduced me to Bob Roberts who showed me a calendar with a black & gray tattoo of a girl pulling down her pants with a tattoo on her leg.
I first ran into Jack Rudy while he was tattooing on some young upstart named Brian Everett in a hotel room in Virginia. The vehicle collection also includes 1964 Amphicar, 2012 LINCOLN MKX, 1954 Porsche Spyder, A chromed 1966 Shovelhead (Bills owned for over 37 years) an ¾ sized old school chopper, three custom built Mini Bikes, two mini cars and a 1959 Nash Metro. Shortly after he went to a local tattoo studio to memorialize his wife and was left with this abomination.
He later returned to that studio for one more session, thinking that perhaps "he had done something wrong in the healing of the tattoo" and they butchered it even more the second time. He fought for years with the editors to get not only photo credits but tattooist credits also because people wanted to know who did the artwork they were looking at. The stinging sensation diminishes after several minutes, and the area being tattooed becomes numb. The moment I saw it, I knew that’s the style I wanted to learn to do more than the oriental style. I will never forget the look on Olivia's face when she saw my tattoo for the first time at a tattoo convention in L.A. Bob would take this small town boy out on the big city streets of San Francisco after tattooing working on me for hours, and show me things I had never seen before.
One of the most talked about tattoos on me is the realistic portraits of my parents Jack did above my knee while we were in San Diego at a Convention.

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