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There doesn't seem to be anything indecent about a picture showing a breast cancer survivor's tattoo covering her bare chest. The Daily Dot has reached out to Facebook to confirm if the picture was pulled in the past, and if so, for what reason.
The site's Terms of Services read that nudity is not allowed on Facebook, like the group claims, but what defines nudity isn't defined. Facebook has riled up its users in the past for inexplicably censoring a not-so-nude picture. Sometimes the best laid tattoo plans don’t work out as you might have wanted after you get out of the chair. Maybe you got that barbed wire arm or ankle band on a whim from a friend of a friend, or maybe you walked into a shop and jumped into the chair without researching the artist or looking at his or her portfolio.  Whatever the reason – bad tattoos happen, and they happen more than you might think.

Getting your girlfriend’s name might have seemed like a totally awesome idea when you first started dating. Maybe you used to be a really big fan of the Tasmanian Devil, or maybe you were so in love with Joey Fatone that a Backstreet Boys logo seemed like logical subject for your first tattoo. Cartoon characters, TV shows, entertainers and musical acts all might seem like great themes, but what happens when the band breaks up, the show gets cancelled or you just stop being infatuated with that subject?  The fact is that people change – and many people dive headlong into a tattoo without really taking any time to think about how it would be on their body forever. The good news is – even though a tattoo is typically seen as a “forever” choice, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take a design that you hate and turn it into something that you love and are proud to display.  A well trained artist can examine your awful tattoo (large or small) and create a unique, intelligent and beautiful design to make it disappear by turning it into something that you’ll love (not just for the moments right after you get out of the chair but for the rest of your days). This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged cool tattoo ideas, cover ups, famous tattoo artists, ink, ink master, inked, nj tattoo, popular tattoos, rose tattoo, tattoo, tattoo cover up. Numerous users call the picture "beautiful," are calling the women "courageous," and are sharing their personal tales of how breast cancer affected them.
A busted, crooked, misspelled or unintelligible mess of a tattoo is always a primary (and very good) reason for seeking out an artist who can do a quality cover up.

There isn’t a much bigger way to commit than getting your significant other’s name permanently etched on your body. But when the relationship goes south from cheating, bickering or simply just growing apart that tattoo instantly becomes a major regret (even if it is done superbly).  A tattoo doesn’t always have to look like garbage for you to want to get it covered up – all it has to do is make you feel like garbage whenever you see it in the mirror.

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