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Don Ed Hardy might be most well known for his fashion brand, but he is a tattoo artist first and foremost. At Braindrops, tattoo artists Andrew Mann and Doug Fortin offer custom work and specialize in tribal designs. An award-winning tattoo parlor owned by a female team, Black & Blue boasts artists who speak seven languages, making it a great place for tourists and locals alike. The six artists at Idle Hand are all unique in their tattoo work, so expect to get an individualized tattoo as well as amazing customer service in this exceptionally clean environment.
To legally get a tattoo in San Francisco, please bring valid ID showing you are 18 years of age or older. Iron Buzz Tattoos in Mumbai is a multi-award winning tattoo parlour and is voted as the best tattoo studio in mumbai for permanent tattoos and best tattoo designs for men and women. Shiva is 'shakti' or power, Shiva is the destroyer, the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity.
IRON BUZZ TATTOOS IN MUMBAI IS A MULTI AWARD WINNING TATTOO PARLOUR AND IS VOTED AS ONE OF THE BEST TATTOO SHOPS IN MUMBAI BY GQ INDIA PROVIDING YOU WITH the most populaR, top voted, most viewed and most shared CUSTOM TATTOO DESIGNS FOR MEN AND WOMEN. Hardy, whose free-hand work is unmatched, works and mentors at Tattoo City and is available Friday to Monday for artwork.
They are also more than willing to accommodate a wide range of tattoo styles, so don’y be afraid to check them out for varying kinds of artwork.

Because Black & Blue is within walking distance from hot tourist spots such as The Painted Ladies and the Asian Art Museum, expect to wait with others as you relax in this comfy atmosphere. Every tattooist here is an artist and each has his or her own non-tattoo artwork on display on the company’s website. His chiseled physical appearance gives Lord Shiva his unusual identity but most importantly all the tattoos have Lord Shiva's Back facing you.
A fashion friendly Lord Shiva done on Karan who traveled from Singapore especially for his tattoo. Instead, check out the cream of the crop right here with this list of San Francisco’s best tattoo parlors. Book ahead for any one of the five great artists: Mike Davis, Ben Cheese, David Robinson, Luke Francis, Stefan Johnsson or Patrick Conlon. This shop features several of the area’s best and brightest tattoo artists including Kahlil Rintye, Mary Joy, Jen Lee and Doug Hardy.
Churning the ocean would please the Sea God and a pot of 'amrit' or elixir would come from it. Their work can be viewed online, so choose the artist you feel best represents your artistic vision.
Could Downtown Los Angeles be the New ‘In’ Place to Live for the Los Angeles Area?

Brahma, Vishu and Maheshwar (meaning Shiva) form the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction in the Universe.
But with the amrit, a phenomenal amount of poison was also generated from the 'Samudra manthan'. Lord Shiva is often portrayed as the supreme ascetic with a passive and composed disposition and that is what we wanted to capture in this particular tattoo. The first in the series was made on our client Mahesh who traveled all the way from New Zealand to get this tattoo from us. He believes that they were creatures of flesh and blood, like you and me, and that they achieved godhood through their karma, their deeds. The poison turned his throat blue and that is why he is called the Neelkanth.We did this on Aneesh on our tour to Pune and it took us nearly 9 hours to finish this Neelkanh tattoo. They are in fact titles, given to persons who are the greatest of leaders, who become god-like.This tattoo took about 7 hours to finish.

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