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People look at your site on a variety of devices, but are they having a consistently great viewing experience on each?
To help you create an optimal viewing experience for all of your users, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the top resources related to the topic. Nick Pettit, an instructor at Treehouse, created this guide, which is a follow up to his article “Responsive Web Design for Beginners.” It’s a great place to start and will catch you up on the RWD changes that have happened in the last few years.
If you’re still wondering “what the heck is RWD?!” then check out Kayla Knight’s Smashing Magazine article.
You can tell when someone has designed a site to be “responsive,” but hasn’t designed it on the device because there are often typography mistakes. After writing his breakthrough article, Ethan Marcotte expanded the information into a book. If you’re looking for guidelines around approaching a responsive project, then Smashing Magazine’s eBook could be a great resource for you. We’re big fans of Luke W., and we especially appreciate his insight about designing for Mobile First. If you’re interested in taking your responsive site to the next level and optimizing it, you might be interested in Scott Jehl’s book. Justin Avery hosts the Responsive Design Podcast, and interviews guests like Brad Frost and Ethan Marcotte. This site has, what seems like, a never ending collection of of websites using media queries and RWD.
Awwwards chose what they considered to be the best examples of websites with responsive design. Social Driver created their list of the 65 Best Responsive Website Designs of 2014, which is even broken down by industry! HTML5 UP has site templates that are responsive, built on HTML5 and CSS3, customizable, and free under the Creative Commons.
Bootstrap is a great option for HTML, CSS, and JS framework, and has a focus on responsive design and mobile first.
For the DIY route, check out Responsify, which lets you generate your own responsive template. Ghostlab allows you to do synchronized testing on both web and mobile, regardless of the device.
Justin Avery has created a tool that will spit out quick screenshots of your site, across multiple devices.
Matt Kersley has developed a free tool that helps to test your responsive sites while you design and build them. Balsamiq has a detailed tutorial about how mockups can work with RWD concepts, and the techniques that you can use. UserTesting’s own VP of Mobile, Mike Mace, gives us his take on RWD and mobile success in this article. If you found this article helpful, check out our list of mobile app usability resources too! Most businesses have a functional website where customers and leads can find out more about their brand. Though responsive web design may have once been optional for businesses, this is no longer the case.
Provide users with a mobile-first design – 64% of American adults have a smartphone, and many of these users are accessing the internet mainly from their mobile devices. Optimize the accessibility of your website – Part of creating an effective, optimized website is developing a UX that includes support for people with disabilities (enlargeable fonts, clear images, etc.).
Use web-specific fonts – The list of web-friendly typefaces has grown, so you can still design with great typography and not worry about unsupported fonts. Flash player requirement – Besides not being supported on iOS devices, big Internet players like Facebook, Mozilla, and Google are also limiting or eliminating Flash’s impact.
Autoplay – Autoplaying videos or audio on your website is a nuisance and can turn visitors off. Click-thru content – You probably hate having to click constantly to get to the next page of an article or other content as much as your visitors do.
If you need help making sure that your website is effectively converting your potential customers, our web design specialists would love to talk with you. Contact TN Media in Nashville, Tennessee for a free website consultation today. TN Media has a history of serving Middle Tennessee with news, information and business solutions. Content that is not only informative, but engaging as well is a huge trend in 2015 website design. Removing inessential elements from your web design leaves a simple, elegant site that is as attractive as it is user-friendly. More and more websites are opting to display custom, professional photos over stock images.
Until recently, designers prioritized making websites that would look great on desktop computers. Whether you have an established online presence or are still in the planning stages, the professionals at AMMA Marketing can help you build the perfect website to showcase your unique product and abilities. The usefulness of this data model in Drupal programming is debatable, especially since many regularly used contributed modules are missing. Hi, I added the relationship lines manually, by looking at the tables, and using workbench's tools. I have some D7 to D7 database black magick I need to do in the very near future - finding this is VERY timely!
The utilization of databases is now so widespread that virtually every technology and product relies on databases and DBMSs for its development and commercialization, or even may have such software embedded in it. I'm not sure how you got the crow's feet to point away from the user_role table but they should be pointing towards the user roles table in a many to many relationship.
In one of our previous posts we offered you a roundup of the best and the most informative blogs that cover the user experience topics. As with UX blogs, we included in this post highly popular blogs that have high Alexa Ranks and thousands of followers in social media.
Smashing Magazine also offers cool freebies for web design projects, its own printed (and electronic) books. A Hongkiat Lim’s creation, this blog is a real gift for people who are interested in web design and development as well as in photography and graphics.
Amazing resource that mostly offers detailed and very useful tutorials on versatile web design aspects. Web Designer Depot keeps up a good way with their daily web design theory articles, nice tips and great collections of fresh free stuff. SitePoint offers a great amount of articles on backend and frontend development as well as website design.
The blogs, listed above, are great and worthy your reading but they are not the only ones that cover web design and development related topics.
Being creating content for fashion, beauty, food and tech blogs during last years, Helen has found herself in web design field now. Thanks for sharing such an amazing list of blogs, this is what we were finding to give good ideas to our team here.
Really i realize after reading this post.this post should read every web designer and developer who wants to grow their skills .
Thanks for sharing valuable information… I want to introduce new website for free blog creation.
Well if the website is other from blogging what is the best way to provide interlinking for the same.

Thank you for sharing such great list of web design blogs that will help those people who want to design their websites.
Like if your business has services like web design and development, especially responsive website designs, you should know how to engage people to avail your service. Product Templates Why? The web features transformed a lot during the last 10 years, and while doing so it hasn’t transformed in any way.
When you review one of the numerous well-known free galleries featuring present web page design you’ll no doubt discover that education framework for internet pages is actually not repaired. Whatever you find the following is an appealing blend of movements and uncommon web design Layout that will ideally encourage you to definitively measure the basic constructions you’re deciding on web page design.
In this category we find a selection of sites that all split the screen using a vertical divide.
The first is that at times a design can really have two primary elements of equal importance. One of many aspects found in website development is generally that contains aspects: containers, beds and borders, forms along with canisters coming from all kinds helpful to divide the content of a website apart. Here we all discover that the content can be drastically highlighted by eliminating virtually any perception of a header as well as the footer. How big the particular web template modules range to be able to reflect the particular order of importance and it’s devoted to the particular hierarchy.
Eventually we got internet sites having a strategy where the web design layout adapts to fully fill the TV screen.
Ripped USER INTERFACE, as well as level user-interface, is definitely a promising concept in web design that may be currently being implemented on several internet websites. Icons are one of the most famous items to use in web design, so we are responsible to bring out only the best things for designers. He even has an added section of “Responsive Web Design Patterns” in his fundamentals series. In this article, Nielsen Norman Group talks about what it means to create great user experiences when implementing RWD. Well, according to Dan Gardner and Mike Treff, it should be be changing into a “responsive philosophy”. She enjoys living in San Francisco, traveling the world, and is currently on a hunt to find the best almond croissant. However, not every website has what it takes to successfully compete in the online marketplace. In a previous blog post, we discussed how the recent Google algorithm change impacted company websites by placing mobile-friendly sites higher in search engine results page rankings. Starting with these users in mind will not only help improve mobile users’ experience, but will also improve the flow of desktop UX. And, more than any other source, we are actively delivering content through every channel our readers expect. Pulling viewers in with interaction and personal investment in your narrative is a great way to build a loyal client base.
From icons to text, it’s hard to imagine a layout that doesn’t involve a stack of boxes. Call800-466-0684 today or drop us an email to arrange a free consultation, and make 2015 the year of next-level web design for your business. However, the creation of the model helped me to further understand the Drupal 7 structure, and made me more familiar with the dependencies, thus the creation was helpful and educational.
It took me a month to actually put this up, after I made it, and sure can need a refresher, by going through it again. Why replace a well established system used be millions of sites with an incredible amount of modules, themes and information with one that barely anyone knows and that might be gone in a year? I'm using MYSQL Workbench to reverse engineer my db and I get the Diagrams but no relationship lines. Also, organizations and companies, from small to large, depend heavily on databases for their operations.
It’s time to give you some hints about the top blogs that offer the coolest posts on web design, development and programming. You can find there the latest info on any design-related topic, get the best tutorials that should help you improve your skills and learn some new tricks for your web design projects. This highly reputable resource offers the best articles and posts on web design, coding and programing, UX and graphics.
It offers high-quality researches on web design topics, various tips and tutorials on HTML, CSS. Tuts’ guides and how-to articles will be helpful for designers of any level of experience and allow improving their workflow. You will find here inspirational roundups of Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards of the coolest illustrators or graphic designers of modern times. Web designers share their secrets here and you can always find on Codrops something useful about creation of textures, headers, icons or various effects. Cool Tweets and Comics of the Week categories create light and conversational mood and allow users stay tuned to the latest news and trends of web design world. Brands and small businesses can find here useful recommendations of online branding, search engine optimization and promotion. It pays attention to everything in design – from clothes and interior stuff to technical innovations and website development.
It’s not so all-encompassing as Fastcompany’s blog, but you can find here multiple catchy and inspiring articles on graphic design, illustration, website creation and UX. Most of their content is focused on backend process and will be helpful for people that do coding and build websites. Its UX and UI studies are just amazing and are helpful for anyone who wants to improve their experience in this field. Constantly evolving, she explores new things to impress her readers with high-quality content. Blogs given provide useful and interactive information about latest design trends which helps to improve my career. I will be heavily useful for me because i am writing articles about web designing and development. Because especially if you are the business owner, you should know the essential of your business on how to stand above the crowd.
In the event that many of us search back decades, many of us will discover which the net experienced an extremely typical structure pattern at work over the bulk of sites. There are perhaps many reasons to do this, and in surveying many samples of this type I have found two main reasons.
This approach allows you to give prominence to them both and allow the user to rapidly select between them. Consider a stereotypical header where the aspects are generally perfectly covered along with lost in the information. As an alternative to looking for a header 1st, an individual see the brand from the corporation and also an apparent statement as to what that they carry out (and in which that they carry out it). Inside these kind of designs just about every module is intended to be able to bend based on the monitor measurement. A possibility of the modular method usually creates everything a similar measurement, which means you’re certainly not putting an emphasis on anything. This can be a subset connected with the reactive layout because the item adapts on the TV screen measurement.

This system intensely focuses on information and supplies a fundamental pattern having less distracting elements. This is a secound monthly roundup of great icon sets and step by step we promise to bring more in the common months. The best way to ensure that your company’s website doesn’t turn away a huge portion of its visitors is to follow the latest best website practices and develop a more responsive web design.
Not only can a responsive web design help you increase your SERP rankings, but it also helps you provide a better user experience (UX) for mobile device users, which in turn increases their time on site and conversions. Our portfolio includes best-in-class and nationally-recognized products as part of USA TODAY NETWORK, including Key Ring, Point Roll, Shop Local and more. Avoiding the background images, bright colors, and complex designs popular on other sites will make you stand out in a crowd.
But web designers in 2015 are increasingly incorporating circles and other more organic shapes into their layouts to create a unique effect.
2015 web design includes app-like vertical menus that look great on smartphones as well as traditional computer screens. The major factor we considered for including those blogs in our list was the high quality of stuff they offer to their readers be it articles, videos, tutorials or free design elements.
Cool resources roundups as well as various collections of freebies will be handy for various design projects.
You can also check out a great Glossary category that explains various web design terms and gives better understanding of their basics.
Free fonts or icons collections are also available here as well as detailed Photoshop tutorials or eBooks collections.
Free stuff collections are also welcomed and inspirational posts are published often as well.
Here you can find roundups and reviews on latest web and graphic design news, fresh apps etc. Freebies and various useful tools roundups are also available on this blog as well as weekly News Digest and inspirational posts. However, CSS-Tricks have plenty of articles and podcasts on responsive design, development and even some branding-related topics.
SEO and marketing articles are a perfect addition that makes the entire process of website creation complete. You should know how to stand out of it, how to compete with your competitors, and of course customers should know that if they’ll come to you they know that they got the right place. This specific go-to pattern consisted of any header, footer, sidebar and content material area. This specific I think is among the greatest uncomfortable side effects responsive web page design features developed.
This particular isn’t specifically a new method, however the benefits regarding receptive web site design offers caused it to be much more practical.
In contrast, this illustration plainly presents significance towards the principal component. In this particular niche the patterns adjust to the extent in ways that they absolutely fill the TV screen and don’t produce scroll watering holes. Formerly, web page designs frequently devoted to a new skeuomorphic pattern having huge gradients, round 4 corners, fall shadows, and things that might look similar to authentic items. Here are some helpful current trends to incorporate when putting your best foot forward online this year.
With so many websites to choose from, it’s important to show potential clients why they should support your business with a thoughtful, engaging narrative. High quality, personalized photography is more intimate than widely available stock photos, and it fosters a sense of openness.
Mobile web technology is more widespread than ever before, and it’s a good idea to adapt your web design to the way users actually view it. On those blogs you’ll find theoretical articles and posts about the basics of web design as well as step-by-step tutorials and detailed design guides to various elements of a website. Most of its tutorials are highly technical so design newbies should have a great knowledge base. Graphic designers will find here loads of 3-D animation, illustration posts while brands can get some useful info about social media or content management. Various tutorials on back- and front-end development, coding and design will be helpful for novice and experienced designers and coders. Here you can also find videos that give you insights of the latest trends on backend and frontend aspects.
Here is a blog where a user can find some of the posts related to SEO, online business, web design & development topics.
The newest usual the way it had been, is actually of which there is apparently absolutely no repaired method in any way. This is a smart strategy, but it really will go an action further and it has several fascinating twists along the way. This particular hints at the convenient layouts one can possibly produce with jacks like Masonry.
This particular not enough scrolling indicates this content should be extremely targeted, as well as the power structure connected with information evidently recognized.
This system can be quickly currently being swapped out by level USER INTERFACE, which takes a bit more simple technique, frequently that has a less image-intensive pattern. As the smart phone industry is growing very fast, the web is going to small screens, as a result of this we need to present rich information’s in a minimal place, in such situations icons are very handy. It’s worth spending a little extra on photography—or even doing it yourself—to showcase what you have to offer. A non-rectangular layout implies freedom and innovation, which is helpful if you want to be perceived as ahead of the curve.
Concurrently, we have risen regarding Macromedia Display that afforded solution to a time regarding change layouts.
We obtain the concentrate along with an understanding of the internet sites to be relaxing.
Fewer photographs and much easier pattern elements can equate to quicker heap times, which allows those that can help the web page on the slow hitting the ground with a new cell product.
Oddly enough because you scroll the actual web site obtains a header along with a little Firefox. Apple’s fresh cell operating-system, iOS 7, Google’s Gmail, Facebook, and Microsoft windows 8 are extreme examples of interfaces which may have implemented level USER INTERFACE. And of course with all the implosion regarding Display this approach pale for the little bit and my spouse and I set out for the little bit, given it is actually back having a vengeance.
A good looking along with efficient web design layout that works by using the actual routine within the uplifting approach.
Because the monitor measurement has changed just about every module adapts and also styles to install the place. And they find bonus factors pertaining to bringing out the core part (at more substantial monitor sizes) that breaks the particular inflexible hindrances among web template modules.

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