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What good is your spirituality for you if you cannot depend on it wholly and solely for all situations. I brought up the issue of beliefs because I recently met a very nice lady, who told me she is Channeling Aliens and that the aliens have all the answer to everything. Well God has a place in all things, but one very important point I want to highlight is, so does Satan. I am saying if you say you embrace a faith, then there is no reason to become angry, or hostile, or unsure of yourself about anything. My only problem is….what is the faith called, how do you categorize it meaning how do you know when to do what? Jesus was a man, he came here with a purpose, the last thing he wanted to do was have people categorizing, and dividing themselves based on him or anything else.

I quickly learned channeling and depending on the guidance of Aliens was not bringing her any peace. Jamaicans have these two flags, painted on walls, hanging in shops, hanging in homes, everywhere. It answered her questions and told her how the universe began, but she seemed to have an overload of information and a great responsibility on her shoulders.
I am not trying to convince others that I am better than them, or that they should follow my way of life.
I wondered about her morals and ethics too, which I soon learned…she felt it better not to have any. Jah is real, he does have a place and he does have a people, right now here on earth, that is Jamaica.

Just me, I am an Empress, and I think morals, and values, keep you clean, give you clarity, and give you a direct path to Zion. History books will try to steer you away from the truth by filling your head with lies and leaving many things out.
When Moses was through speaking with God, he was not the same man he was before, one of the things that happened instantaneously or over time was, his hair formed into dreadlocks. The King James versin bible makes many references to locks, turbans, sabbaths, incense, covenants etc.

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