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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Bull Tattoo Placement ideas – on your chest, on your shoulder (like The Rock), on your head, on your back and in other various places. When thinking of a skull many people think of death and decay, however there are some different general meanings for different styles of skull tattoos. Skull tattoos have also been seen as a sign of rebellion as they often where the center of attention on the flags flying above pirate ships. Not all skull tattoos are human in nature either some people choose to go with an animal skull instead. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! Skull tattoos are a very popular type of tattoo that are often placed in various areas of the body. Skull tattoos have always had a fairly large following, mostly because they were quite rebellious in nature. There are many different reasons why someone may choose to tattoo a skull tattoo design or multiple skulls on themselves.
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For some it also represents the Zodiac (the second) astrological sign, which is Taurus or the bull.

Rulers and dictators would often collect skulls of their enemies and display them as trophies. Now this can be a standalone skull, or a complete skeleton that is wearing a black robe that you may have seen in depictions of death before. It was not the norm to have a skull tattooed on yourself, and many individuals saw this as a sign that you may worship the devil. This may be because skulls are often referenced to death, and death is the ultimate change in life.
In order to find out what their reasoning was, you would have to ask the person that had them tattooed, but there are a few common reasons why people do this.
Altough the bull means something big, yet with a lot of strength, for the astrological sign for the bull means: love, beauty and, of course, harmony. For example, in Christianity the skull can often symbolize eternity or what remains after the soul moves on; in Kabbalah it can represent rebirth and celebration. Many people uses the skulls to represent their own impending death that will eventually take place one day. Because of this, many people, especially young people, tattooed skulls on themselves in an effort to be rebellious. Some of the more common themes are mentioned above, but sometimes people also use skulls to represent hell and heaven as well.
This being said, the meaning behind a skull tattoo does not have the signify something negative, it can be used in remembrance of loved ones who have passed (such as the sugar skull is used in Mexico on the Day of the Dead).

There are many different forms that death can take, but a common representation is a skull and bones that is shrouded in a dark robe that may or may not cover the face. While this may be seen as a very negative symbolism for the skulls, many people actually manage to put a very positive spin on it, and do not portray the skulls representing death in a negative light. This is still a very popular reason for many people to tattoo themselves with many things, and skulls are among them.
These may also be left up to the interpretation of the individual who tattoos themselves with skulls and may be heavily dependent on the design that is used. There are many places on the body that are suitable locations for skull tattoos including the back, chest, legs, shoulders and arms. She is the goddess of love, yet the bull tattoo can also mean procreation, fertility and virility.
A few of these include rebellion, change (because the skull on tarot cards actually stands for change, and not for death), and perseverance.

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