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Butterfly Tattoo Designs are considered as most beautiful and catchy feminine Tattoos ever. There are literally thousands of foot tattoo ideas available for you online as well as offline. So, if you ask us why this design is so popular then there are so many causes behind it such as its meaning and colorful wings.
So, girls are you persistent by your choice of getting inked butterfly tattoo on your foot?
You may know that Britney Spears has a butterfly tattoo on her foot it really looks good on her, and there are so many celebrities who are having butterflies on their body in different shades.
So, we can say if you are going to have first time tattoo then you can go with butterfly foot tattoo.

Butterflies and women are lot in common and they both are beautiful creations of  Almighty. Some masculine legends such as the Roman Emperor Augustus used to get butterfly as a personal mark. We are saying again foot butterfly tattoo really can express your femininity and cuteness in a nice way. When both these beauty comes together through tattooing, it gives amazing blast to fashion and creation and gives sensitive and sensuous feeling to the viewer. In fact, the word “Butterfly” is commonly used to depict girls as they are colorful, beautiful and as charming as Butterfly and love freedom equally in expressing themselves. The warrior priests of the populaces of Mexico used to get ink of butterfly as a motif on their breastplates.

However, men are also attracted towards it and are charmed by this type of attractive tattoo designs. We normally choose this design to place it on various part of the body including lower back, chest or a small colorful accent on the ankle, foot or wrist or along the neck region.
Enjoy the gallery view and select best Butterfly tattoos designs of your choice in vogue from our best collection given below for viewers.

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