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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Incoming search terms:butterfly tattoos,butterfly tattoo,Free Butterfly Tattoo Designs,small butterfly tattoos,butterfly tattoos designs,small butterfly tattoo designs,small tattoo designs for women,butterflies tattoos,small butterfly tattoo,tattoo butterfly,No related posts. Disclaimer: I own NONE of these awesome tattoo designs as they are compiled out of interest. Butterflies are one of the most delicate and beautiful creatures of the nature, colorful free-floating spirits of the spring. The meaning of butterfly tattoos are often also rooted in the mythology or symbolism of different cultures and mythology.
For today, butterfly tattoos are firmly linked with symbolizing internal and physical beauty, grace and fragility. As different and various the patterns of the wings of the butterflies are in the real world, tattoo design of this beautiful creature can also take unlimited shapes, ornaments and colors.
Skull butterfly tattoos are one of the most creative and sought after butterfly tattoo designs with tattoo artists styling innovative skull butterfly tattoo designs every day. Butterfly tattoos are a good choice for a first tattoo because the design doesn't need to be big to be striking. Delicate beauty: a butterfly is small and very delicate, but also very colorful and full of beautiful details.
In Japan they believe that if a butterfly flies into your guestroom, the person you love the most will come to you soon. In some cultures it means good luck when a butterfly lands on you (imagine the luck you'll be having when you have one on you permanently). For the ancient Aztecs, butterflies were the souls of deceased warriors or women who died while giving birth. Butterfly tattoos combine well with tribal elements, especially on the lower back because of the symmetrical nature of a butterfly.
Lower back butterfly tattoos are usually larger, more stylized butterfly images that stretch across the lower back, one of the most popular places to get a tattoo nowadays (but also known as a tramp stamp).
To sum it up: butterfly tattoos are among the most versatile tattoo images, which helps explain their popularity with women. Small butterfly tattoos are a great idea to sport a tattoo for those who prefer a tiny and neat tattoo. Butterfly also represents divine love, freedom, life after death, existence of life and many more things.
Probably that is the reason why so many people, and especially women, choose exactly butterfly tattoos out of millions of tattoo designs.

Butterflies signify freedom because of they fly freely in the sky, it’s independent and delicate. They are probably one of the most popular tattoo idea because they can also fit almost any part of the body. We offer you the examples of the tattoo ideas, to either help you to pick the idea which appeals to you the most or to let your tattoo artist design a unique butterfly tattoo according to them. Butterfly tattoos are a feminine kind of tattoo and come in a great variety of shapes and sizes: colorful or black, stylized or real (like a monarch butterfly tattoo).
Butterflies have always been an inspiration for visual arts, such as the hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt a couple of thousand years ago. A small butterfly tattoo (life sized or smaller) on an ankle or shoulder can be a pretty and graceful accent to your natural beauty. Having a tattoo of a butterfly symbolizes a new life, a new beginning after having gone through some rough times.
On the other hand, it is not so delicate like most people think: contrary to the widespread belief, you can't kill a butterfly by touching its wings.
Tribal butterfly tattoos are often black, or a combination of a colored butterfly with black tribal swirls.
The butterfly image is very symmetrical, so the middle can easily be lined up with the spine, the wings extending on either side. They are inherently feminine, but not necessarily girly, and you can make either a bold or subtle statement.
Here we give you a range of beautiful small butterfly tattoos to choose from and flaunt flirtatiously.
As I know choose to tattoo butterfly on back is the most, and now can choose colorful butterfly tattoo too, real beautiful. In certain regions, like Central America and China, the black butterfly tattoo symbolizes death. However, in combination of the beautiful design of Butterfly Tattoos and the diversity of the patterns it can provide to the tattoo artists, usually butterfly tattoos also contain very specific and symbolic meaning for their owners. Therefore the most widespread meaning of butterfly tattoos is a big change in life, personal metamorphosis. The tattoo design, the delicate lines of the wings of the butterflies can nicely fill the natural curves of the bodies: back, lower part of the waist, wrist, neck or ankle.
Butterflies are commonly known to represent spirit, freshness and freedom, while skulls symbolize death and ending. They are the 4th most popular tattoo design, after tribal, star and cross tattoos and they are probably the most popular design for women and girls.

This makes the butterfly wings longer and more stretched out than they would be in nature, but the image can be very attractive. If any girl chooses a butterfly to style on her body part, then the girl is open minded, wants to live a free life. Different tattooists merge butterfly design with other patterns like flowers, animals or some celtic patterns. As the butterfly is concerned by the flame in the night, just like human soul is attracted towards the heavenly facts.
In many other cultures, it is believed to be representing the overpowering human emotions of anger, fear, sadness, mourning etc. This popular body art is often used for spreading awareness about certain deadly health conditions.
The skull and butterfly together represent the fact that the old must die or end to give way to a new beginning.
There are different characteristics of women are there as patient, beautiful, imaginative, nature loving, love with full dedication, observant, intelligent, open minded, pretty etc.
Even the fact that there is a butterfly means, that it already succeeded on a particular stage of life, transformed and stayed alive, Therefore this tattoo idea is very often signifies that we all have to go through different phases until we reach the state of freedom.
Numerous sites offer skull butterfly tattoo ideas, making it extremely difficult to decide which one will best suit your personality. Most people like this tattoo to be inked completely in black, while others prefer only a few black strokes in and around the butterfly’s wings. Women get the purple butterfly tattoos to spread awareness about this ulcerative skin disease. The following collection has shortlisted some of the best skull butterfly tattoo designs for you. Following are some attractive and unique black butterfly tattoo ideas for you to choose from. These tattoos are primarily inked in purple and black, but may have strokes of other colors.

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