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Over the past years, tattooing has becoming very popular form of body art not only among men but even among women.
Since time immemorial, women in history are equal in terms of opportunity of getting tattooed.
But since tattooing among women has become more acceptable in most societies and cultures, more and more women are getting themselves tattooed. Now, that women are more engaged in tattooing as men, it’s not uncommon to see more and more women tattoo artists specializing in women oriented designs and patterns that have the feminine touch. The media featuring different celebrities having creative tattoos also compounds the public’s acceptance over women getting inked.
A common and recurring theme of tattoo design that most women love is a sense of social rebellion. The fact of a woman’s act of having a tattoo done is already a major decision for an ordinary woman. Also, it’s wrong to think that most women only get themselves inked just for the sake of fashion.
Pattern wise, women’s tattoos are generally smaller and done elaborately as compared to most men. Another defining characteristic of women’s tattoo is the thinner line and lighter shade, which is completely the opposite for men. It’s not uncommon to see butterfly tattoo design among women as this symbolizes different things that have something to do with womanhood.
Other than design, another thing that must be considered when contemplating of having a tattoo done is to consider where it must be placed.
Regardless of the fact that one is wearing a ring or not, a tattoo on the left ring finger is a permanent sing of a man and a woman’s love for one another.
Probably one of the most painful places to have tattoos on, neck is indeed the place to have a tattoo if you’re too strong enough to endure the pain. This place is ideal for women with mysterious personality because it presupposes exposed if worn. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. That’s why it’s no wonder to see blogs and even sites solely dedicated to design of tattoos for girls. But women’s tattoo desires are more inclined in creative design with unique feminine touch. This is also one of the reasons why it’s also easier these for women to have themselves getting tattooed. During the course of history when many women activists strive for equality, this has caused for women to be more creative even on their tattoo design.

That’s why it is very common for women to consider their tattoo design very carefully before even having themselves inked. For most men, attractive tattoos for them are those patterns that are large and more masculine in design.
But this design is more popular among women and perhaps it symbolizes femininity and womanhood. The closer the tattoo is located to the heart, the deeper the devotion is expressed to someone. This is because one’s loved over his kids is more permanent and eternal than one’s love over a partner.
Although many women find it an extremely painful place to have a tattoo on, still, it’s one of the most tattooed part of a woman’s body. But this is starting to change lately.  Since it conveys strength and firmness, women are starting to have tattoos done on their forearm.
However, many women find this place very difficult or uncomfortable area to have a tattoo on, especially if it’s much larger design. Probably one of the reasons why many people consider this place a sexy one, it is regarded as one of the frequently-tattooed body part of a woman.
Thus, it’s also very unfair to judge a woman about her character just basing on her tattoos. But for women, they prefer more intricate design patterns that have personal and deep meaning for them.
Women’s tattoos are also characterized by calmness, lightness, and are more lesser aggressive than the typical men tattoo design. Just like men, tribal inspired tattoos are becoming popular among women too over the past years. Some of the best ideal tattoo ideas to be done on the chest are the names of one’s children or special someone so one can feel the name of one’s loved ones or spouse.
Despite the fact that they do not live for long, it is worth noting that their existence is full of metaphorical lessons and beauty. Also, some women would want to have a tattoo here to emphasize strength and to show how strong they are. Butterfly tattoo designs are mostly liked by women due to various colors which can be applied on a butterfly’s wing as well as their natural feminine look. These winged creatures are also full of meanings and symbolism like grace, love, freedom, and beauty, which makes women to feel much empowered at any time they wear butterfly tattoo designs.There are several meanings associated with butterfly tattoo designs depending on one’s perspective of viewing it.
For instance, these insects are regarded as a representative of the resurrection of Jesus and his ascend to heaven.
Tattoo design of a small butterfly on shoulder or an ankle can be a graceful and pretty accent to an individual’s natural beauty.

It is worth noting that these variants are basically made to complement an individual’s taste and style without losing the symbolism and meaning of the butterfly tattoo.Some of the available butterfly designs that you may consider using include but not limited to the 3D designs, tiger butterfly, small butterfly, Gothic and skull butterfly as well as the monarchy butterfly tattoo designs. These butterfly designs may be put on various attractive parts of the body of a person including legs, waist, belly, back, side boob, wrist, and arms among others.3D butterfly tattoo designs are excellent because they provide the movement’s illusion.
The method utilized by the tattoo designers entails shadowing and angle, which give the tattoo’s seer an impression that the insect is alive and flying above an individual’s skin. These designs of butterfly tattoos are excellent for people who do not need plain and simple style anymore.There is also the small butterfly tattoos designs. It is worth noting that these styles will definitely be appreciated by aspirational ladies who are full of grace and like love idea.Another excellent butterfly tattoo design is the butterfly twist tattoo.
Usually, girls consider putting their tattoos on their wrist, more so when a small design is their only desire. The wrist is among the excellent locations to be linked due to the fact that they occupy a small space in an individual’s body.
With this kind of design, the insects with large orange wings that have black margins.The insects are mostly seen on tattoos due to their attention seeking wing span and distinct color. Tribal designs are also featured in a butterfly tattoo via a colored type of butterfly with dark swirls. This style is unique because it offers the tattoo artist with the freedom of creating line which project a butterfly’s image.There is also the couple butterfly tattoos. Even though a single butterfly looks awesome, it is good to know that a pair of them is a representation of togetherness and couple’s love.
These butterfly tattoo designs can be shown along with vines and flowers, name of two friends or lovers inked along with, hence making an excellent option for individuals who are in need of making an immortal impression of how they feel toward s each other.Butterfly skull tattoos are also great designs.
One may be tempted to interpret this design as being dreary and morbid, however the reality about this design is that it symbolizes transformation and growth following a tragic event such as death of a friend, relative or family member.Additionally, an individual may choose to have butterfly foot tattoos.
This kind of design is perfect for women who do not like exposing their tattoos immediately. Butterfly tattoos on foot are symbols of an individual having the freedom of going any place he or she wants, hence making those who wear these kinds of tattoos to be carefree.Furthermore, there is the also the tiger butterfly tattoo design. Butterflies and tigers are not a usual combination considering the fact that the first represent a feminine insect while the other is a representation of a strong feline. When girls use tiger butterfly to ink themselves, it basically means that they are kind of girls who are able to balance their feminine side with the animalistic side.Other butterfly tattoo designs include but not limited to butterfly and flower tattoos, butterfly and star tattoos, dragon butterfly tattoo designs, butterfly eye tattoos, butterfly fairies tattoos, breast cancer butterfly tattoos, rebel flag butterfly tattoos, Ulysses butterfly tattoos, Gothic butterfly tattoos, Celtic butterfly tattoos and angel butterfly tattoos. It worth noting that all these kinds of butterfly tattoo designs reflect the vision and aspiration of a woman.Before designing the new butterfly tattoo, it is always crucial that you think critically about what your new tattoo will symbolize and the best place to have it on your body.

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