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Cancer or The Crab is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel and the first of the three water signs.
In your quest for self-expression, why not go for donning your zodiac sign—a Cancer tattoos, perhaps? Before you pursue getting a Cancer tattoos, it’s wise to go over the possible designs first. Not only does it make a statement with its bold design, it also reveals the intricacies of your character.
For one, it is the Western astrological sign for the tropical zodiac of individuals born from June 21 to July 22. It is of the element Water and, along with Scorpio and Pisces, completes the Water Triumvirate.
Not only do you end up with a fierce symbol, with Cancer tattoos you also bear your personality for everyone to see.

It is a cardinal sign and people born under it are known to be very romantic and dreamy, nurturing, often tending to be very creative, imaginative and somewhat shy around strangers. As if echoing the Water element, a crab’s life is greatly influenced the movement of water. The sign is also associated with the moon and motherhood, and as such both Cancerian men and women feel a strong attachment towards their mothers. On the other hand, Cancer can also refer to the Hindu astrological sign of the sidereal zodiac. Cancerians usually tend to be good dressers and they also love to deck up their looks by sporting tattoos that depict their zodiac sign. This sign echoes the myth of Lerneaen Hydra, one of the Twelve Labors of Herakles; and holds those born from July 21 to August 9. With all these details, you can be assured that your Cancer tattoo has rich stories to tell.

The shell reflects the extra mile that you’re willing to take in order to secure your loved ones. Some of the symbols that are most frequently used in Cancer tattoos include the crab, the moon, the number 69 written sideways, the constellation of Cancer and designs that depict water such as river or rain. Quite often the number 69 is combined with the image of the crab in various innovative ways.

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