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It may be difficult and boring to comb job postings for keywords, but for the jobs you really want, it’s worth it. Most RecentMost Popular9 Questions Every Veteran Should Ask in a Job Interview Elmhurst College: A School For Military Veterans Beyond the Cash Register - Careers in Retail How to Actually Survive Off Your GI Bill General Studies Degrees 5 Good Answers to 'What's Your Desired Salary?' Top 25 Hot Jobs for Veterans 2016 Thinking Police Officer? Engineering is a vast field with a huge variety of career opportunities in various branches such as automobile engineering, aeronautical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, electronics engineering, and so on.  Every level of Economy requires help from Engineers to deal with the growing need for technology. Employers rely on engineers for increasing productivity and expanding output of products and services. A person with a PG degree or any suitable diploma certificate holds a clear better chance of landing the job. Someone with experience shall be more of a preferred candidate than one with no experience at all.
With the aging population all around the world, the need of health care professionals is increasing rapidly.
General duties of a nurse involves treating patients, providing emotional support, educating people on medical conditions, giving advice to patients, their families and relatives.
Join Carla's Community for Tune-Up Tips, special deals on resources, free training, and more. Modern day job hunting has changed completely, long gone are the days when everyone was pouring over the job section in the local newspaper. You may already be on social networking sites, but may never have used them for your job search. If you are already on these networking sites then you should take the time to customise your profile so that prospective employers get a good impression of you.
There are several things to keep in mind when making your Facebook friendly, firstly edit your photos and de-tag any that cast you in a negative light.
Facebook is primarily used by companies to research their interviewees, so keep this in mind. LinkedIn is another a brilliant resource for job hunters, the online networking site allows you to upload your CV and connect with people in your chosen field.
You can find out so much about a company from their profile, you can also find out about people who have recently been employed with the company. Many companies will also post jobs on Twitter and by following the companies you want to work for you will be able to keep up with their news. Companies do not mind being contacted for job opportunities on Twitter, so why not reach out? The following articles and career change advice can help you determine the right career description for you. Used properly, that job posting can tell you how to make yourself exactly what the employer is looking for – and that’s how you get hired. Use our Military-to-Civilian Pay Calculator to understand how much you would have to make to equal your current military pay. New technologies continually amend the design process, facilitating engineers to generate and analyze a variety of product designs more rapidly than that in the past. In addition to these duties, they also record the patient’s symptoms and their medical history.

Specializations are classified based on type of treatment or work setting, specific organ system, certain diseases, and specific population. There are many new ways that you can both research a company and contact potential employers. In modern times a job hunt should always start by creating online profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Whether you are looking for a recruitment or marketing career social media will be an asset to your job search. Your wall may have posts from as far back as the dawn of Facebook and these may not be the types of things that you want a potential employer to see. Facebook is also a good way for you to research companies and the people who work for them. Your profile on this site should be employer friendly too and you should make sure that your profile reflects the type of job that you want.
They will be able to give you valuable advice on the things that you should be doing to find a job. Lots of career sites will have their own Twitter streams and will have regular updates on opportunities in that field, these are worth following. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.
Here’s how to use cues and key words from the job description to make your application stand out.
This is often the biggest problem with veteran resumes: they talk about how the military has prepared them for the job, but fail to align themselves with the actual expectations of the job. There are two things candidates put in their job application documents: things that interest them and things that interest their employer. Therefore, there is no limit to job opportunities in this panoptic wide field and the engineering job descriptions lays down the educational qualification, skill sets and other requirements to work in this field.
However, people who desire to choose nursing as their career option should prepare themselves with the job responsibilities.
The duties and responsibilities of a nurse in each area vary depending on the specialization. That's why Carla Cross, management coach, speaker, and author, has created this blog just for you, with ready-to-use tips to master management through people. Most companies will have a presence on this site; they may also advertise vacancies here too. By using these methods you are more likely to get your name out there and in the end get a job. Veterans tend to relate their military experiences on their resume, in their cover letter and in their interview (if they get that far). Veterans, who often have great pride in elements of their service, have an especially hard time letting go of certain experiences when it comes to their resumes. It can help you with the interview, too, especially if you answer questions and talk about yourself by referencing those key words and expectations. Apart from these works, they also teach patients and families regarding post treatment health care at home.

However, this piece of information regarding job responsibilities is essential for you in preparing for a demanding and challenging career in nursing. There are, however, several things that you need to do to make your profiles employer friendly. Constant status updates on how bored you are and how many interviews you have had will not go down well.
This will give you a good indication of the things that they have been involved with in the past and might help ease the stress of the interview.
Social networking can help you find out a lot about a company and the people they have been employing. This makes for good stories and may sound impressive to a civilian, but it is often hard to find a connection between military experiences and the workplace skills or attributes an employer seeks. This is partially due to a military background, where your package or application for a particular posting or assignment will only be considered if you meet the requirements, such as rank, time-in-grade, occupational specialty, or experience.
They want to spend valuable space and time talking about something cool they did with a particular weapon or project, or about their combat experience, when most employers aren’t all that interested. Facebook allows you to make your wall and pictures private; this is a good way to make sure that nothing slips through the net. In the job search world, however, you can make a case that your experiences or particular qualifications suit you for a job even if you don’t have X number of years in one position or Y education.
You will need to tell the employer explicitly that you fit the job by phrasing your resume and cover letter in those key words. Unless you are taking a job as a SWAT member, your weapons or combat experience don’t really tell an employer much about your performance in civilian jobs. The most common way to do this is to link your military experiences to the job description, showing that what you did in the past is substantively the same, or at least very similar, to what the job will ask you to do. If the job requirement states you must have a record as a self-starter, you will need to have resume bullets (yes, multiple if you can) that actually say this or that military experience required you to be a self-starter to be successful…and, most importantly, that you were successful.
Besides, all that extra military stuff clutters up your resume and draws attention away from the all-important key words. By articulating how the job fits into the larger scheme of things, you will stand out from the few other candidates who are otherwise perfect fits, but who have limited their application to the job itself (as if it existed in a vacuum). Employers will choose the applicant who stands out as best meeting their expectations specified in the job posting.
If you can make a convincing case that you’ve succeeded at the job before, even under a different name in the military, the employer will be willing to look past any lacking qualifications.
If the job description indicates you will have to do a specific task, you must have resume bullets that actually say that you have done that task in a military context. So briefly mention your combat experience or the cool training you did in an exotic country – it’s good to put that little tidbit at the beginning, because it makes you look very interesting and pulls a reader into your application – but spend your time focusing your experiences on the key words.
That way, whoever reads your resume has a positive impression because of the cool things you did, but also has an overall impression that you are a perfect fit.

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