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Tattoos are style statements that offer a huge scope of creativity to the artist as well as the wearer. Though it cannot be denied that popular tattoos are always in demand and have their own distinct charm creativity matters more for some people.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Funny Tattoos, Family Tattoos, Black People Tattoos and Wolf Tattoos. The playing cards, dices, cherries and stars together look very lovely and symbolize the girl’s playful and sweet nature. Symbol of sexuality and creation; the blue lily tattoo looks very gorgeous and captivating. Self designed tattoo sits on the back of the guy that is created with excellent details and fine shading. The treble clef symbol on the back of the girl looks very rhythmical and is a representation of her love for music. Check out this circular tattoo that is inspired from the background of Alphonse Mucha’s work Primrose and Feather. Great tattoo created with fabulous precision that symbolizes the brave and agile spirit resting inside the wearer. Neat details, clean shading and a nice look grace this owl that is a symbol of wisdom and foresight. Colorful tattoo piece carved with skulls and roses that is a symbol of the risk loving nature of the wearer who does not fear death. The angel with a fallen face symbolizes the wearer’s depressive state of mind at having lost her lover. This sailor conveys his love for his father and mother with a back tattoo that also carries the image of swallows and stars.
Small and colorful heart locket tattoo carved along with the name of the husband as an expression of love and affection. The compass rose with the names of the wearer’s children and the Celtic cross, sitting on both sides of the chest, look impressive and hold a lot of personal and spiritual meaning.
A symbol of love, loyalty and undying commitment; the tattoo looks very artistic and catchy. A large red tree graces the back of the girl who is representative of the fact that the girls lives her life to the hilt. Super pretty in outlook; this red rose that is also a symbol of love and beauty arouses similar feelings with its excellent display.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. If you are considering ideas for Celtic tattoos for men, hopefully this has helped a little. Celtic Cross: The Celtic Cross design is essentially that of a traditional Latin (or Christian) cross with a ring in the intersection of the cross.

Triskele:  The triskele, or triple spiral, tattoo is composed of three interlocked spirals. Shamrock: Even today, the shamrock remains the most famous symbol of Ireland and of Irish lore.
Triquetra: The Triquetra, also known as the Trinity Knot, symbolizes the Holy Trinity of Christianity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost). Celtic Knot: Every Celtic Knot tattoo has a different meaning, often representing different clans or families of Ireland.
Most Celtic tattoo designs have a deep hidden message to them, and are rich in folklore and history; not just simply dark lines in patterns. Zoomorphic (Animal shaped) Tattoos use the shape of the animal or even animal and human features blended as one.
We have looked at a few patterns, color choices, tattoo sizing, and good locations for their placement. Like Scottish Tartan or English shields, some design work represents the crest of a family; others represent pagan gods and goddesses worshipped before Christianity was introduced to Irelands.
Meanings were given to everything from the sun and the stars to the rocks and the grass, and to the Celts, the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and renewal.
Originally invented by Saint Patrick himself, the Celtic Cross has taken on a life of its own since its creation. The spiral was a popular symbol of the Celts, used to represent the sun, the afterlife, and reincarnation.
Celtic shamrocks are renowned for having mystical power and meanings – according to legend, it’s petals will stand upright to warn of approaching storms. It also represents three fishes – when Christians were persecuted, the fish acted as a secret and valuable symbol.
Upon his return to Ireland, he sought out his love, who he found still single and waiting for him.
The popularity now days of Celtic tattoos for men may be of a symbolic nature or just for love of the intricate and interlaced work.
You will have no problems finding perfect Celtic tattoos for men looking at the galleries and talking with your tattoo artist for their advice. And then there are designs that archaeologists and anthropologists still don’t know anything about. This design symbolizes the bridge between Heaven and Earth, with the vertical arms acting as the spiritual world and the horizontal arms representing the earthly world. It is also believed to be a symbol of pregnancy, because the sun describes a spiral in its movements every three months.
The Celts regarded the shamrock as sacred because its leaves form a triad – three leaves joined together as one.
The circle in the triquetra represents unending love for and from the creator and for man and woman.

In both the cases the desire of the wearer is to get an art form that he or she can flaunt proudly on his or her body part. We will discuss some tattoo designs ideas, along with color choices and possible placement and sizing of your new tat. Try using dark blue ink in the pattern with purple ink used to add highlights to the war horse’s mane. Celtic knot designs appear in circle shapes, diamond patterns, stars, triangle and arm bands. Recently, though, these ancient tattoo designs have had a resurgence, growing steadily in popularity over the past decade.
According to Celtic lore, butterflies would fly around in search of a new mother, and when that mother was found, the butterfly would conceal itself in her food and be swallowed. So, they keep looking for great tattoo ideas especially the ones who are going to get themselves inked for the first time. Below we have presented a collection that features 26 images of classic tattoos, shortlisted after a lot of research. Celtic tattoos that contain knotwork uses a method called the “dot system” in order to draw it. During the time of the Christian Inquisition, wearing a shamrock was thought to be a sign of rebellion, and those who did so were hanged. Even today, the Claddagh ring and symbol are worn by many as a symbol of love and devotion.
The Celtic tattoo is an Irish artist’s way of showing their love for their culture and heritage. If you look closely, the lines used to create the cross don’t have a beginning or an end, showing the immortality of spirit and love.
The interlacing of the continuous lines of the spirals symbolizes the connection between the physical and spiritual world – this is a popular theme in Celtic art.
Double spirals are sometimes also found – they are a sign of balance and represent equinoxes, the time in which day and night are equal. Ireland exports a great deal of clover to other countries, especially around the time of Saint Patrick’s Day! This Celtic tattoo for men is most often seen on the upper arm or center of the back, as a large piece of body art. Your chest, back, upper arm and lower leg are great locations to show off your Celtic tattoos for men knot art work.

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