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Raven tattoos are quite popular among lovers of body art as they are both mysterious and beautiful. The raven tattoos presented in this site are quite dramatic and stylish in their appearance. Every Celtic art design in this collection has been painstakingly sculpted to illuminate its true quality and beauty. The claddagh represents love (heart), loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands) with the circular knot showing continuity. This ancient design is carved into the stones at Newgrange which is a burial mound that dates back to 3200 BC - 500 years older than the pyramids at Giza. This symbol is said to represent the seven Celtic nations which are: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Galicia in Spain and Brittany in France.
With the infinity knot above the Claddagh this piece of art represents infinitive love, loyalty and friendship.
This symbol represents the Celtic family with intertwining hearts showing the love we have for each family member.
This symbol represents the three phases of the journey through womanhood-maiden mother and crone. This cross is traditionally made from rushes or straw at the beginning of February to honour Brigid. Raven, the black birds often associated with negativity and even death, is a popular tattoo subject especially among men.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. For a long time, the raven has been closely associated with ideas such as death, darkness and the unknown.
Each piece has its own profound meaning that has been handed down for generations in the great Celtic tradition.
The druids believed that this traditional triquetra represented three seperate entities that are interconnected like earth, air, and water. Its true meaning is unknown but many scholars believe that the three spirals represent birth, life and afterlife.

It appears as a decorative element on large standing stone crosses and in the Book of Kells.
Discover the meaning of a selection of different Celtic Symbols, all commonly associated with the wonderful Emerald Isle. These creative tattoos can carry deep symbolic value as the raven is one of the few symbols that can represent both the good and the bad in a person.
Ravens have also served as an important symbolic animal in various cultures of the ancient world. Our unique designs are artistically finished in the highest grade bronze available and each piece can be given a patina to show a rich aged and weathered appearance. Information and facts about the meaning of different Celtic Symbols, read about their meaning and origin. Even numbers had meanings attached to them, the Creator's Star or Star of David has six points to represent the six days of the creation of the world. A strange, magical quality was associated with them and they have been predominantly featured in Celtic culture and their artwork.
Please enjoy this intricate artwork to enhance your home for that memorable special occasion gift.
There are a huge number of symbols that are associated with the people of Ireland, learn about the meaning, history and origin of a selection of Symbols, truly  iconic symbols of Ireland. But, that does not mean that these tattoos cannot symbolize the good attributes in one’s character. Although the Celtic people often had a negative view of these birds, the Celtic raven tattoo is traditionally associated with magic, prophecy and protection. Meaning of Celtic Animal SymbolsMany old Celtic manuscripts incorporated Celtic Zoomorphic designs and each one of the animals had a meaning attached to it. In many ancient cultures, ravens were believed to carry dark secrets and possess magical powers.
Ravens were also important to the Native American people as well as the Greeks and the Romans. The Phoenix, a mythical bird represented the resurrection as it was believed that it could regenerate itself in its own funeral pyre.

Native Americans considered these birds to symbolize balance while Roman and Greek mythologies associate them with Apollo and Athena. The Native Americans considered ravens as a symbol of balance between the positive and negative traits in someone. The Dove symbolises the holy spirit and was often carved onto Baptism fonts, usually seven doves were carved to represent the seven gifts of the holy spirit: Wisdom, Fear of the Lord, Understanding, Piety, Knowledge, Fortitude and Counsel.
The Greeks and Romans believed that ravens are linked with Apollo and Athena, and carry attributes associated with the sun.
The Pelican bird was believed to pierce its own breast to feed its young, this symbol was used to represent holy communion and the sacrifice on the cross.
Raven tattoos can be of various types, and can depict the bird in seated positions or in flight. Meaning of Celtic Symbols - ImagesThe images below depict traditional Celtic symbols, the image on the left is an initial taken from the beautiful 'Book of Kells' and is known as a Celtic Zoomorphic design. Sometimes a raven tattoo can also accompany other images such as those of flowers or a skull. The original letter would have been in color as the beautiful illuminated manuscript was colored in mainly gold and red.
The image in the centre is also a Zoomorphic pattern and was also taken from an ancient Celtic manuscript. The image on the right is of a Celtic Cross carved with beautiful Celtic patterns and designs. The Celtic cross is believed to have been invented by St Patrick as he attempted to convert the pagans who worshipped the sun god to Christianity by incorporating a cross with a circle, the circle is also meant to represent eternal life.Facts about the Meaning of Celtic SymbolsCeltic symbols are inspired by designs that are hundreds of years old such as ancient Celtic manuscripts including the 9th century masterpiece of Irish art history, 'The Book of Kells'. Regardless of a person's heritage, the symbols represent love, loyalty, friendship, religious belief to name just a few!

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