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The Trinity Knot or Triqueta - Whether a symbol of the relationship between Father, Mother and Child, the religious Holy Trinity or the marking of the Past Present and Future of someone's life, the eternal three pointed knot has become a simple but striking symbol of things and persons that are threefold. The Celtic Cross Knot - The interlaced pattern of Celtic knots are most commonly associated with religious manuscripts and crosses still dotted around Celtic lands. The Eternal Knot - With no beginning and no end, the eternal or endless knot design has become a popular representation of never ending love and friendship. Modern Celtic Knots - Contemporary Irish jewelry designers have re-interpreted the ancient tradition of interlaced knot work and combined it with modern symbols such as the Celtic Love knot, representing eternal love, and Celtic Butterfly design representing growth and rebirth.
Founded in 2010, online retailer Celtic Promise was started by Irish born entrepreneur Siofra Hill. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. As with most things on the Internet, finding Celtic images isn't hard, but finding good free Celtic border clipart is a different story. Click on the image to get a larger view, and if you decide you like it, use the download link at the bottom of the page -- easy! Although basic, the good thing about this design is that it leaves you with plenty of white space to fill in your text.
Well, after the Romans, being whacked on the head was some kind of weird fertility blessing. This extends to weddings where cake, to some degree another form of bread, have both ritual and celebration — standard in all weddings.
As for the Celtic tribes, they were not bakers, so there no traditional Celtic wedding cakes.
If you want to decorate your cake with Celtic designs, this is the cake which takes the cake! The price of a wedding cake depends upon size, quality of the material, artistry and also the reputation of the baker and the market where he sells his cake.

For example, the marvelous Celtic cake shown above is $8.50 per 1x2x4 inch portion in traditional flavors. One thing that you can do to save money, particularly if you are having a big wedding, is to have a relatively small layer cake, perhaps to serve thirty to fifty people.
No matter what you choose to do, whether it is a sheet cake from a supermarket or some fancy cake with Celtic design, in the end, what makes a cake delicious is the beauty and community that have gathered around you for your wedding.
FJA is an Activist, Human Rights and Environmental Justice Organisation within the Jewellery Sector. Our customers really are the best measure of what jewellery we should make and this is definitely the case with our new Celtic Torc bracelet. We’ve been getting emails and enquiries about our silver Celtic torc pendant wondering are there any other products in the range and asking for custom pieces to be made. I’m really happy with how it turned out and it was a lovely piece to work on especially knowing it was inspired by customer feedback. So take a bow Claddagh Design customers, you’re the reason this bracelet has been created! Don’t keep your good ideas to yourself, if you think we could be doing something better or are missing a key piece in our range of jewellery be sure to contact us.
Some of its most famous icons are the Celtic knot designs, intricate interlaced patterns which famously feature of the country's historic monuments and ancient manuscripts. Whether a statement of Christian faith or of fashion, the Celtic Cross with its intricate Celtic Knot designs, has become a symbol of national identity - particularly for those of Irish, Scottish or Welsh heritage.
Due to its infinite path, this knot has also been used as a Celtic charm to ward against sickness or mishaps that may otherwise interrupt a calm and balanced life. Whether it's a tribal tattoo, or ornate Celtic knots embroidered on a quilt, the appeal of this old artwork seems universal. Below I have presented five of my designs that are completely free to download, and are all in an easy to use JPEG format.

I will also offer tips throughout, on how you can best use these designs, perhaps alter them to your needs, and even show you how easy it is to create them yourself. This design features classical Celtic knots to each corner, with a more twisted metal type edge in between them to lend more of a "sturdy frame" to your page.
A more sedate look like this is great for advertising homemade crafts, especially those with an old-time feel like handmade jewelry. Some were from customers who had previously bought this pendant and were looking to add to the piece with a bracelet or earrings. I decided on a bracelet as this was something that kept coming up in my correspondence with customers. With a product offering of over 700 traditional Celtic jewelry and contemporary Irish jewelry products, Celtic Promise has quickly become one of the leading Irish jewelry companies selling online in the US and Internationally. You can manipulate these images how you wish, and can even import them into a basic Word package; you don't need any fancy DTP software. It's also grand enough to be scaled up and used to frame a poster for a medieval fair -- use some Celtic glyphs to create your own look. The addition of a gold plated solid sterling silver chassis with Welsh Dragon shoulder embellishments and a Celtic design around the crown adds to the impressive nature of this fine piece of gentleman's jewelry. We received another one of these emails last week which was the kick I need to do something about it and sort it out!
The addition of a gold plated solid sterling silver chassis with Welsh Dragon shoulder embellishments and a Celtic design around the crown adds to the impressive nature of this fine piece of gentleman's jewelry. That's why we love our work and our high quality products are so affordable.Please buy now.

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