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The best known source of Celtic knot-work came from the Book of Kells, illuminated manuscript that contains the four Gospels. Celtic crosses are also historically and culturally important, not to mention beautiful, and as such are popular tattoo designs.
Like a tattoo, the design of the cross in the first place regarded as a religious tattoo design or Irish Christian.
The symbol, a resident of a small village in Galway, has been around since the 17th century. Most models are exaggerated versions of stereotypical and goblins from the ideas of Irish culture. Celtic tattoos are one of the most popular types of the other designs even though they have a long history. Irish traditional symbols and art are very popular for tattoos, especially in people who connect with their heritage and want to show their pride in their ancestry. The nodes themselves often have a deep meaning and symbolism and are sometimes used as stations against evil. However, the Celtic cross design is important in Wales and Scotland and parts of Scandinavia.
The Claddagh is two hands holding a crowned heart, and began as an Irish wedding ring or engagement ring, where the hands are extended with fingers to form a group. Interestingly, the rings by the popular but were used to the relations of the user to specify.
Like a tattoo, which usually only for Claddagh Irish heritage and cultural pride, instead of a symbol of the love relationship. Patrick, an Irish saint remarkably, The Shamrock once used to the idea of ??the Trinity to pagans and druids to illustrate.

This magical little creatures do not appear in Irish folklore, until about the 14th century, but they are perhaps the most famous of all Irish stories.
Eye for detail and the ability to place the lines and spirals in the right place is very important. People who have tattoos of Celtic knots, especially those with historical significance should be as Triskele or triquetra, then you the importance of design. Symbolically represents the Claddagh Friendship, loyalty and love that each be represented by another feature of the design and all aspects of a good and successful marriage. Often people confuse clover, symbol of Ireland, with the four-leaf clover, a symbol of happiness. In the 17 century, the shamrock as a symbol of resistance to British control, and wearing a shamrock is a matter of execution. Although entertaining, not on the same design Kobold historical tradition than other Celtic symbols. Constant braid line and spiral symbolizes the relationship between the physical and spiritual world. That is what makes a Celtic Cross so perfect.It is beautiful, it is intricate, it has meaning and it comes in so many designs. For this reason, the Celtic cross tattoo design for a corresponding number of different people, not just the Irish Catholics. Today, the shamrock, an unofficial symbol of Ireland (the harp is the official symbol), such as thistle with Scotland and the rose represents England. It is also the timeless symbolism of these patterns that they remain such a popular choice for tattoo designs.
Even this design is very popular among the people of North America who have Celtic ancestors.

What more could you ask for?When did the Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs originate?It is believed to date as far back as the 5th century, it symbolizes the Celtic faith. Cross tattoos are mostly based on cross existing or developing real designs of illuminated manuscripts. Irish folklore suggests that the true clovers, accepted in most cases, a variety of white clover can be grown in the Irish soil. According to legend, they grant three wishes in exchange for their release if they are caught. Believed to be of Pagan origins this symbol of faith was very popular in communities of Celtic origin, which include Ireland and Scotland. In present days, a Celtic Cross also symbolizes Christianity.What designs does a Celtic Cross have?Since the art of Celtic origin is supposed to have intricate designs consisting of knot work and spiral, the Celtic Cross also represents that.
The interesting thing about the spiral and curved lines in the Celtic design never crosses each other.What is a Celtic Cross supposed to signify?The Celtic Cross is supposed to signify many things. You can also choose to display your faith with the rendering of the Celtic Cross as a tattoo designGoing for a vibrant design only through melding of four different colors.
In fact a gifted artist can really make your tattoo design the cynosure of all eyes and the object of envy for most tattoo enthusiasts.While picking out the pattern that will be displayed for eternity on the live canvas that is your body, do ensure that you are working with a good artist. Make sure the tattoo artist understands what you want and the significance you are looking for.
Most importantly choose a tattoo design that can be scaled for the body part where you want it done.

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