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While many little girls nowadays sport bikinis, there was quite a backlash some years ago when designer Ashley Paige, known for her knitted bikinis, used a presumably 10-year old girl (pictured above) in her catwalk. Our society tends to want to make girls into sexual beings, at far too young of an age imho. Also, I, too, went swimming in just my bottoms when I was very young (it was the 70s, ick) and I find that more acceptable than a bikini. I don’t know,but I believe they can wear full bikinis, the ones that actually cover what is needed to be covered.
I used bikinis as a little girl until I turned 9, I switched to Tankinis and I still wear these to this day. That bikini that girl is wearing in the picture for this article, nobody under 18 should be wearing that bikini, period.
Having said that, there are some very cute, and very appropriate bikinis out there for girls.
As for the person who blamed the kids for there being pedophiles in this world, that, too, is disgusting! I am definitely more comfortable with my daughters wearing a one piece or a modest tankini, though I’m not going to judge a mother who feels differently. I do think that you can foster your daughter’s self confidence without putting them in a bikini however. Have you ever considered that the taboo and general negative attitude towards nudity and sexuality in the US is the primary fuel behind most sexual predators’ motives? I really don’t think the problem is in the garment but in whether it is sexualizing the kid or not. I’m fine with little girls any age wearing bikinis as long as they look age appropriate.

I think bikinis are for adult women, there are so many sick people in this world that are turned on by little girls and hurt them. I have a 2 year old, and I’ve been appalled at the selection of swim suits for toddlers.
To everyone saying that their little girls run around sans tops, that’s completely different.
Some mothers I chatted with found there to be no problem with putting a baby in a bikini but some tended to sway their daughters more towards tankinis. As a kid btween 1-4 years old I ran around naked on the beach, in the swimming pool just bottoms from 3-9 years old.
I’m a fan of Tankinis, they offer more coverage, but have the convenience of a 2 peice swimsuit. We are always wondering why people are child molesters and why older people look at pictures, like this, of little kids.
Go to any beach anywhere in Europe (as well as some beaches in the US) and there are kids of every age running around in the nude. As a parent, it is absolutely your right to choose what you allow your child to wear, I do not dispute that.
For a kid the main attraction when going to the beach is the sea, not showing off his figure.
I always wore what were clearly kids’ garnments and most children here don the same.
I dont like those darn pagents that allow little girls to wear make up, wear bikinis and acting older than they really are.
It may be 2011, but some mothers are quite divided on when exactly, if at all, to put their little girl in a bikini top.

All that does is increase the mystique of alcohol and make the child more curious and more likely to abuse it in the future. But in the end, the children are innocent and any sexual connotation seen therein is seen only by the pedophile and sexual deviate. Who cares what my daughter is wearing when she gets there, within five minutes tops she will be an adorable salt, sand and sunscreen covered joyful mess! I grew up wearing only swimsuit bottoms, like the boys and all the other little girls around me, and that seemed just the most natural thing to do. Girls, at that age, should be in Dora or Mickey Mouse bathing suits, not looking like a grown women! My child will never be caught in a bikini until she is grown and understands a womens worth..
And yes, I realize we’re not in Europe, but I believe there is a lesson to be learned here.
And little Suzy doesnt notice her left side has gone terribly askew, and neither does her mom..
Statistically, sex abuse against children is more prevalent in the US than it is in Europe.

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