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Chinese characters are ancient calligraphy that has influenced neighboring countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
Before choosing a Chinese character or design for tattoo, it is a must to seek not only someone who speaks Chinese, but someone who is an expert in it.
Tattoo Translation ( $17 ): we offer accurate translation for tattoos into beautiful calligraphy with the essential stencil outlines. Name Translation ( $17 ): Your name will be translated phonetically into Chinese characters which sound similar. Phrase Translation ( $17 ) : We will translate your phrase into a grammatically correct one, while making it concise and poetic. About our history: We have been specializing in Chinese tattoo translation and design since 1999. About our calligrapher: Tai is a Chinese brush painting artist and a skilled calligrapher with university education in both Hong Kong and North America.
About written Chinese and spoken Chinese: The same Chinese character may be pronounced differently in different dialects.
Mandarin (also known as Putonghua) is widely spoken in many parts of China, Taiwan and Singapore, while Cantonese is prevalent in Hong Kong, southern China, Singapore and overseas.

Kanji and Chinese Characters: What looks to you like a symbol is actually a Chinese character with pictorial, inferral and phonetic connotations. About Traditional and Simplified Characters: Traditional characters are the standard characters with centuries of history and culture embodied in them. Some other sites may have standard phonetic translations for English names, with no attention paid to the meaning of the individual characters. Flow, rhythm, balance, line, and structure are more perfectly embodied in calligraphy than in painting or sculpture.
The Chinese pictographic system of writing was imported to Japan many centuries ago, and is known as " Kanji " (In Japanese, kan+ji = Chinese+word). Our site provides traditional characters and not simplified characters, so that the form, beauty and essence of THE CHINESE CHARACTER can be fully appreciated. She tutored under the late Master Lai who was a renowned artist trained by the grand masters of Chinese painting, the late Lin Feng Mian and Pan Tian Shou.Her calligraphy has graced the skin of many satisfied customers for over a decade, and her work has also been featured in books and exhibitions.
Most kanjis have the same meaning as the original Chinese characters, but some have evolved over time in Japanese usage and the meanings are different from the Chinese characters used nowadays. After all, with aid from experts, it is the client who can best represent their importance and do justice to these Chinese tattoo designs.Chinese Symbol Tattoos - Writing Them BestMany deem Chinese symbols as very complex.

But in fact, these are derived from ideographs and forms of animals, nature and other images.
Simplified Chinese characters, on the other hand, is commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia.
These were created by Chinese government in 1950s to simplify the forms and lessen the number of strokes. Chinese symbol tattoos are very significant and must be done by professional artists.Chinese Dragon Tattoos - For Great CharacterChinese mystical beings are common subjects in tattoo designs.
It is usually illustrated with heavy scales, small clawed legs and wingless mythical being. Because of their dominating symbolism, these are often depicted on powerful individuals and on large parts of the body such as the back.

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