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Tattoo is a fine art in which a symbol is drawn on the body of a person for modulation purpose. This is a great example of Chinese tattoo design that has been appreciated by million of people all around the world.
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Most popular Chinese symbol tattoos that you will find are those symbolizing love, family, strength, fire, anger, luck, peace, dragon, Buddha, faith and zodiac signs. A trend in tattoo designs becomes a rage in real sense only when celebs are seen flashing it in style. The tattoo art is practiced in almost all the countries of the world and each nation has its own specialty.
The translation of names and messages in Chinese script enjoys huge popularity in the masses. This black and white tattoo of a lady, on the hand, with floral motif above and below creates a queer look. The girl holding a red lantern along with skull tattoo on her hand looks mysterious and fearsome.
This tattoo piece of a woman with a lotus in her hands looks very artistic and has a traditional look. The epic Chinese lion with her cub and a blue lotus flower surrounded by water, created as tattoo design holds spiritual meaning. The vibrant and colorful Chinese Phoenix with wings spread out, inked on inner side of the forearm, looks pleasant. An elegant and dainty piece of art with plant motif, inked below the neck, has a hidden meaning inside it.
The roaring Chinese Foo dog sitting inside a lotus flower is considered to be auspicious and brings good luck. The guitar wielding artist has a colorful tattoo on his hands and chest to get a rock star look.
The lady looks sensuous in her curvy, side piece tattoo that accentuates the turns and twists of her body.
The two Chinese plate blue doves carved on back symbolise the lovely chemistry between couples.
This tattoo piece on arm gives an insight into the look of the running Chinese handwriting. The beautiful girl pondering over some matter and decked with jewellery is a sample of the Chinese pin-up tattoo. A flaring Chinese dragon engraved on the neck, at back, looks like it is on a murderous rampage.
The scroll with some Chinese character on it and two flowers on the sides, signifies power. The black and white flowers interspersed with Chinese characters running through the middle of the back have a sexy look.

The Chinese flowers and the butterfly together create a vibrant and fresh look on the leg in the form of a tattoo design. A colorful and vivacious Chinese dragon with flames coming out from its body looks terrifying. The faceless man with a crow on his shoulder and an owl flying over the head creates an eerie and creepy atmosphere. Chinese writing inked in the middle of the back shows the love of the person for her language. A pink cherry blossom flower tree with twin Chinese characters around it creates a soothing and pleasant display.
The Chinese style eagle, with drooping head, carved on arm, fascinates with its majestic look. This black and white, full back tattoo has a devil face in the center and resembles a gothic art form. The subdued and sober shedding of the lantern with a rosary hanging around it, arouses curiosity.
The orange flames engulfing the dragon’s body, carved on thigh, convey passion and energy. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Then again people choose to get animal names tattooed for the different traits they stand for.
Cherry blossom trees are a common site in china and form an important part of the Chinese culture. It becomes a matter of fashion and youth are applying it for looking different and beautiful.
There is a good market of tattoo art in china and million of people are getting solution for tattoo art. These tattoo design reach the Chinese tattoo at highest place and many people come to china for getting solution for tattoo art. The most important thing of Chinese tattoo artist is that they are trained for this field so that a client never face any problem. Mysterious, exotic and beautiful little pieces of art, written in Chinese calligraphy arouse curiosity as well as admiration in the Western world for their sheer presentation. What is special about these Chinese symbol tattoo designs is that they have single or at the most three characters to represent a concept which makes them all the more interesting and unusual.
Chinese symbol tattoos have found a more than ordinary number of celebs endorsing this exotic design. Similarly, the great Buddha also holds a kind of indefatigable sway on the minds and hearts of people. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Chinese letters unlike the English ones symbolize powerful emotions and concepts singularly. One may even show their love towards a particular kind of animal by choosing to get its Chinese name tattooed.

If you are a big fan of floral patterns and designs you may choose to get these Chinese flowers tattoed.
There is several tattoo art gallery where you can most tattoo design and thousand of tattoo expert are providing excellent solution for tattoo art.
This design is available is most of the color set and its flash design is easily available online.
Chinese symbol tattoos bring out your quest for the extraordinary tattoo symbols but prior to getting yourself inked, let us get acquainted a little with this mysterious art of writing.Although Mandarin and Cantonese are the two most popular dialects of China, Mandarin being the standard and official language, the art of writing is uses the same characters.
Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown, Johnny Depp, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and the list seems endless. If you are looking to mark an event in your life, you can choose a word and then get it tattooed in Chinese! A single letter can mean friendship, love, animosity, courage, destiny, the world and so on.
These tattoos can be made more attractive and beautiful by adding curves and designs to the Chinese words. You can found a tattoo art in most of the country such as Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, India etc are great source of tattoo art.
All these celebs have got themselves inked in Chinese tattoo symbols, be it phrases or simply symbols to express emotions.
In the last decade that saw globalization, making its presence felt in the art and culture domain, many changes have come over us. There are two types of writing styles for Hanzi characters, the traditional and simplified.
So, it’s time for you to soak your soul in this oriental form of art and get yourself inked in Chinese symbol tattoos. The Chinese tattoos have also crossed their national frontiers and become common in western countries. Coming to the dragon, it is the most common and ubiquitous Chinese tattoo design which has a special ferocious display, its USP (Unique selling Proposition). If you like your privacy, then Chinese tattoos are best for you, because you need not tell people what your chosen symbol means and you can rest assured that they won’t be able to guess at its significance.
Recently the tattoo art becomes most popular among old and young because there tattoo design is so excellent and they offer good service to there client. The traditional way comprises of intricately brushed, elaborate strokes, and the simplified version uses a minimum number of simple strokes. The teachings of lord Buddha are also one of the most preferred phrases that find favor with tattoo lovers. China has a lot of popular symbols that make it stand out and gain edge in the tattoo designs.

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