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Fishtails are straight nose rings with an extra long length and are specifically made to be custom fit by a professional piercer. The nose screw (also known as a nose stud, nose twister, or nose hook) comes down straight from the bottom of the decoration or gem setting and has a short, hooked post that goes into a small curl, which works as a backing to hold the jewelry in place and is appropriately named after the way you twist the screw into your nostril. Nose hoops, which may be called by a variety of names depending on the geographical region or type of jewelry, will come in a variety of sizes and colors and are most often made of surgical grade stainless steel or titanium. A nose bone has a short post with a decorative top that rests on the outside of your nostril and has a slightly bulbous bottom that secures the post in place in your nostril piercing. Upgrade to the next level in nipple piercing jewelry with one of the most exclusive and hottest trends available right now: universal nipple rings. If you’re feeling the love, you might enjoy the filigree heart design featured on some of our universal nipple rings. No matter your style, you’re covered with the bold designs available for universal nipple rings.
Check out this happy customer showing off their pair of new Clear Gem Black PVD Barbell Filigree Heart Universal Nipple Rings! While piercings might not seem like a big focus in fashion, if you pay enough attention to today’s celebrities and models, you know that most of them sport a few. The most popular and first piercing that comes to mind is the septum piercing – for a few years now! Another notable piercing to look out for this year is the smiley piercing, a type of lip piercing placed on the inside of the upper lip.
Gabby decided to start a dermal anchor project, and chose to let us record her experience with professional piercer James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY! Since the piercings are so close together, Gabby must return for a second visit to complete the project. Initial Jewelry: Dermal anchor, with interchangeable tops that can be switched out after fully healed. When in doubt, just make sure you’re looking for something that fits the gauge you were pierced at. A rook piercing, is a small piercing that is located in the small ridge of cartilage near the upper part of the ear. Everyone is generally familiar with the classic tongue piercing and lip ring, we’re going to cover a few facial and oral piercings you may not be too familiar with as well as general care and healing information for the aforementioned piercings. Typically this piercing is placed centrally but can be placed just about anywhere on the tongue. Cheek piercings can be done in most locations on the cheek but are usually placed in the natural dimple on the client’s face and should not be placed further back than the first molars. Smiley and scrumper are both names for the piercing of the upper frenulum, which is a piece of skin that connects the center of the upper lip and gums. This is a piercing of the web located underneath the tongue if the client has the substantial anatomy to accommodate the jewelry.
Watch as our friend Natori gets her double forward helix project by piercer James of American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY!
Helix piercings take anywhere from 3 to 9 months or longer to heal and are usually pierced in the range of 18 to 14 gauge. A dermal is a piece of jewelry that sits beneath the skin and has a decorative top that sits on the surface. Our friend James begins by cleaning the area and then marking and measuring for the placement of the dermals.
The process is done like any other temporary piercing, but with feathers attached to the needle.  The piercings are carefully arranged in a fan-like formation to allow the feathers to properly create the shape of a wing, which (not gonna lie) is one of the neatest things I have EVER seen. Bindis are a traditional sign of faith and devotion to the Hindu religion and accounts of it’s significance can be found in texts dating back thousands of years and have become a staple in Indian fashion.
The bindi symbolizes so much more than a religious devotion: it is a symbol of Indian identity and a culturally specific fashion accessory. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your fashion taste, remember that only the best accessories can be considered iconic. Only you and your piercer can decide what’s best for you, but as a general rule Dermal Anchors or Microdermals are made of better quality metals and are less likely to be accidentally ripped out or reject. The transverse lobe piercing is done most often as a freehand piercing, meaning no clamps or forceps are utilized, due to the type and amount of tissue. The look of the piercing makes it seem as though there would be prolonged agony as the needle passes through that much flesh. There is a greater portion of the barbell inside the ear so it is also important to wear jewelry that you are not sensitive too.
For the most part, smiley piercings will be worn with circular barbells (either BCRs or horseshoes), but occasionally a small curved barbell can be seen.
The smiley has become more popular in recent years, but as a fairly modern piercing (first noticed in the 1990s after publication in a magazine) there are some areas where lip frenulum piercing is virtually unknown, or at least very rare.  It also falls under a variety of names (scrumper, rooster, glicker) depending on locale, making it one of the coolest piercings you may have never heard of.
Aftercare for these piercings is very similar to that of any regular cartilage piercing, generally including sea salt soaks and gentle cleansing.  Due to the amount of cartilage being pierced through and the nature of its positioning, a Rhino make take slightly longer to initially heal, and care must be taken to avoid migration or rejection. Whether they were fake or whether they were real, the coolest celeb septum piercings from 2015 really are quite epic, and there is no denying that septum piercings took off like crazy in 2015, and its most likely thanks to all these celebrities septum piercings that normal everyday gals like you and I are sporting septum piercings! When you look at how versatile and absolutely gorgeous the septum piercing can be, and that girls are really looks quite elegant and even dainty wearing them, means that the idea of a septum ring looking punk or grunge are long gone.
So, it seems we need to just embrace the fact that the septum piercing has unpacked its bags and is staying for real, and seeing as we’re not exactly certain on when the entire septum movement will lose its momentum, so for now let’s have it have their moment, and go over the 4 celebs that absolutely rocked the septum piercing in 2015! RiRi isn’t at all a stranger to elaborate, risky and sexy piercings, and she first debuted her faux septum piercing back in 2014 when she was attending her brothers album release, and of course we’ve seen it a few times after that, but her most memorable moment with the septum piercing is absolutely this one, when she showed it off on the sexy cover shoot she did for T Magazine in October.
Ok, for some reason I really do want to be shocked that Madonna got herself a septum piercing, with a pearl, and the letter M, and then posted it on Instagram saying that it was inspiration from her daughter Lourdes, but hey, when has the Queen of Pop not ever surprised anyone right?! Zoe Kravitz is as sassy, sexy and daring as her father, and there’s nothing fake or faux about her septum piercing, and she isn’t exactly one of the celebs who just jumped on board with this trend, in fact Zoe has had her septum piercing for years now, and she rocks it, every single day and night!
Oh Amber, Amber, this girl is raunchy and has posted some very steamy pics of her piercings on Instagram, and her most recent one being the septum piercing that she very sexily showed off with a face lace mask!
With the growing acceptance of all things cannabis lately, the 20th of April will carry more of a reason for celebration than ever before. A 2014 article from Vice News has a bunch of interesting facts and research about this day and its origins if you feel like incorporating a little knowledge into your holiday this year. One of my favorite tidbits from the article is the fact that the Denver, Colorado Interstate mile marker 420 has been stolen so many times that it was replaced with mile marker 419.99 to deter further theft.
Our stash plugs are the perfect way to keep your goods secure, and we even carry herb grinder plugs for easy rolling no matter where you might find yourself. We also carry a selection of weed-themed jewelry for those who haven’t delved into the vast world of body modification just yet, featuring fashion jewelry and accessories including the products featured in the image below.
Since captive rings are one of the more difficult styles of body jewelry to remove and insert into your piercing, the best chance you have of getting that ball back in the ring is to visit a local professional piercer who will correctly and efficiently assist you in getting your jewelry to function.
Change your jewelry in a place with a lot of light like your bathroom because the beads are usually tiny and difficult to handle.
Cover the drain of the sink if there is one in the vicinity with a paper towel or tissues so that you won’t lose the ball down the drain.
Practice popping the bead in and out of the captive ring several times prior to actually trying to insert into your piercing (if you’re not sure how to do this, read through the step by step directions below before trying). If you’re having trouble removing the bead from the captive ring, try to wedge your thumbnail under the edge of the bead, but be careful not to drop the bead when it pops out!
If you feel the ring getting caught on any part of your skin when changing it, slide the ring back into its original place and try again.
Try not to look in the mirror while changing your jewelry because this is often more confusing than helpful when compared to changing it assisted by your sense of touch. Hold the ring firmly between your thumb and forefinger before grasping the bead tightly between the thumb and forefinger of your opposite hand. Clean the captive ring you just removed before putting it into the cup or dish you have ready. Remove the bead from your new captive ring, place that new bead into the cup or dish with your old jewelry, and slowly put the end of the new captive ring’s opening into the hole of your piercing. Gently rotate the jewelry through your piercing until the end of the ring comes through the opposite hole. If you’re someone who prefers to see something done before they do it themselves, then this video is perfect for you!
For stubborn captive rings that need some adjustment, there are a variety of tools that can be implemented to make your life a little easier. Start by using the tool in small increments and then remove the jewelry from the pliers to check the progress (measured by how easy or difficult the ball is to move) so that you don’t bend the ring too far, but just in case you do, we have a tool for that too. Since we are well aware that holding onto those tiny balls can be quite damaging to our mental state, lower the risk of a dropped ball with tools specifically designed to keep a tight grip.
Piercings should be an acceptable part of the work environment, but we know that isn’t true everywhere. Micro nose rings are a great option if you’re going for the less likely to be noticed approach. If you’re looking for a 100% guaranteed way to hide your piercing, retainers are the way to go.

Septum piercings are one of the easiest piercings to hide because, depending on the type of jewelry you wear, you can easily flip your septum ring up inside of your nose. Body piercings can be a permanent investment, and for a lot of people, the time and care they have to put into them can determine or detour their decision to get pierced. While every body is different, if you follow your aftercare directions, you’ll land somewhere within these ranges. Anyone who has piercings can enthusiastically say they love their body jewelry, but sometimes getting those beautiful adornments in and out of their homes on your body can be frustrating. Captive Rings or often known as BCRs, come in a wide variety of colors and styles, but as those who have tried to wear them know, they can be downright impossible.
Start by using the tool in small increments, and then remove the jewelry from the tool and check to see how easy or difficult the ball is to remove.
So next time so you see a really cute captive ring, don’t be discouraged and pass it by! This piercing is two monroe piercings, which are located off to each side and just above the upper lip. Any of the five options available can be worn based on your own preference for comfort, sizing, or aesthetics. If you’ve been having a difficult time finding a standard nose ring that fits your nostril comfortably, then you may have the unique sizing need that is met by choosing to wear a fishtail nose ring. There are right bend and left bend nose screws, so you must choose one or the other depending on which side of your nose is pierced to provide the best comfort and fit. A favorite during the nineties, this model of nose decoration has recently experienced a resurgence. The nose bone usually has a straight piece of around six or seven millimeters in length and pops in and out of your piercing, sometimes with a little resistance due to that bump at the end. These are great for those who have smaller noses or for those who want jewelry that is a little more discrete.Labret studs (those that are 20 gauge or 18 gauge) are a popular form of alternate starter jewelry for nostril piercings for a few reasons.
You’ll have the secure fit and decorative versatility of an l-shaped nose ring with the comfort and attention that comes from a nose hoop. Check out our previous blog post, which has everything you could ever hope to know about the materials used for our nose rings. This versatile piercing decor is super easy to use; all you have to do is turn the rotating barbell and you can wear this body jewelry horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally! Swarovski crystals are used in a selection of our available universal nipple rings so you can get your glam on. This new and user-friendly option for accentuating your nipple piercing is flying off the shelves, so make sure you have the coolest new body jewelry to rock and pick out yours today.
The multitude of styles it encompasses and the varying designs in jewelry make it a versatile piercing. His tongue is cleaned and sanitized, then temporary marks are made on both the top and underside for placement. The initial jewelry used is usually a ring such as a captive or BCR, or a curved barbell much like an eyebrow ring. Fashion trends are meant to have a shelf-life, to develop, bloom, and then fade into memory.
This kind of piercing should not be done casually; typical gauges for a bindi piercing are 16 or 14 gauge curved barbells which can extend the healing time of the piercing. If you are looking to get a less common ear piercing that looks cool and has minimal pain then this might be the one for you. However, most people feel less pain when getting a transverse lobe piercing than with a standard earlobe piercing.
However, the stretching process must be done at a very slow rate due to the fact that there is much less tissue around the area of the piercing than with most other stretchable piercings.
Normally, most ear lobe piercings are very quick to heal, but transverse lobes often take longer to heal due to the longer fistula. Zoe has one of the most ridiculously gorgeous and sensational collection of septum piercing jewellery, she’s just so edgy.
This isn’t the only time she’s showed off her septum piercing though, it’s been showed off a few times, from fashion shows to Instagram, we love it either way! Check out our 0 gauge pipe talon taper (it’s the blue Sherlock-like piece in the above image) made from unobtanium borosilicate glass for the perfect piece to add to your stash.
A selection of our logo inlay jewelry features the ability to glow, which only adds to the righteous style you’ll gain from wearing it.
Additionally, a lot of our jewelry with rasta colors and marijuana leaf designs are currently a part of our clearance section for an easily affordable celebration.
For those accidents that occur with a bead captive ring, you’re going to need a different type of replacement ball than what you would get for threaded barbell body jewelry. Many piercers will change your jewelry free of charge, and since they have the proper tools and sanitation to deal with body piercings, it is the safest, easiest way to change out your captive jewelry.
Twist the ring slightly while applying pressure on the bead – it should pop right out. Inserting and removing the circular barbell is the easy part, but many proudly pierced individuals find putting that dang ball back in place the most frustrating part of all. You should avoid using household tools to open and close your captive ring because this method can scratch the metal ring leaving a rough surface that can damage your piercing (not to mention it’s not exactly sanitary!). Many don’t know that this type of tool exists, but it is an essential accessory for any pierced style.
Ring opening pliers create enough wiggle room to allow the ball to more easily be placed back in its spot on the ring.
Squeeze the handles together until the captive ring is held fast by the pliers and rests within the appropriate grooves. Squeeze the handles gently until the captive opens just slightly and the captive bead becomes loose. Ring closure tools look a lot like the pliers used to open up the jewelry but are used to adjust a ring to make it smaller, just in case you don’t know your own strength and made it too big trying to open it up. These types of tools come in different shapes and sizes, so make sure you’re getting one designed for what you need. Sometimes the reason for covering a piercing is more of a formal appearance standard than discriminating against them altogether. These clear, bioplast rings will make it nearly impossible for someone to notice your piercing. Consider choosing from jewelry that is labeled as a septum retainer if you know you may need to do hide your ring for work or school. That’s why we here at BodyCandy are proud to offer tools that make your life a little easier, and getting your look perfected even more attainable.
The solution is to make it easier for the ball the pop in and out of the ring, so here we have ring opening pliers. Squeeze handles until the captive ring is held fast by the pliers and rests within the appropriate grooves.
Squeeze the handles gently until the captive opens just slightly and the captive bead comes loose. Now you can purchase this style of body jewelry with confidence, knowing you won’t have to fight with it, to wear it.
Her work is being done by our best piercing buddy, James, of American Skin Art located in Buffalo, NY. The piercer may also use a type of measuring device to be sure the placement will exactly symmetrical. Nose jewelry has the ability to be beautiful with the many stylistic options you have in store for your choice, but it also has the added plus of being surprisingly versatile with the many types available and the ability to customize for a perfect fit and style.
This is probably the most popular type of nose ring available and has plenty of style options to choose from. The standard length of this item from the bottom of the setting to bend of the L is usually six to seven millimeters, though this may be shorter for specialty sizes. Easily removable and very comfortable, no excess material sits against the inner side of the nostril. The top looks like those you would see on any type of nose ring, but the bottom is secured to the top with a threaded barbell (internally threaded items will be easiest to use), so you won’t lose your jewelry as easily. A brand new addition to our nose ring collection, l-shaped faux hoop nose rings are the best of both worlds.
The most exciting part about these designs is that you can adjust the decoration to fit your piercing.
If you want to be noticed, septum clickers are an in your face (literally) way of drawing attention. We’re really hoping to see some great pics from our #bodycandy fans this year of this one! He then marks the locations for each dermal and measures to make sure they’re lined up on either side.
A traditional tongue piercing is placed where the nerves are primarily for taste and temperature, it is more painful is be pierced towards the tip or edges. Performed with usually with jewelry between 16 to 18 gauge circular barbell, horseshoe, or curved barbell; this piercing heals in about 4 to 8 weeks.

Then the clamps are applied to the first point of insertion and with a deep breath in then out, the needle is pushed through.
The dermal punch is a hollow needle with an angled end that is used to remove a section of the skin to make way for the dermal anchor. He finishes by cleaning up the area and the end result is two lovely gems and one happy customer.
However, there are certain forms of decoration that transcend this definition and become something more than beauty enhancement.
Also, with the thickness of the piercing, minor but visible scarring can occur if the time comes for the piercing to be abandoned.
To insert them the piercer must use a biopsy punch to create a hole for the jewelry to sit inside.
The exposed end has threading and the tops can be interchanged with many colors and styles available. A transverse, or horizontal, lobe piercing is an ear piercing that is done the long way on the earlobe instead of piercing from front to back.  The length of the piercing is parallel to the sagittal plane, or vertical plane, of the lobe. The exact piercing spots are marked then a 14 or 16 gauge hollow needle is inserted from the outside edge of the lobe to the medial edge of the ear lobe.
The inside of the earlobe consists of mostly fatty tissue and there are not many nerves in the path of the needle.
A straight barbell is most commonly worn with non attached earlobes and a curved barbell is generally used with attached lobes. However, if you’re looking to get the ideal look from your septum piercing, whether its grungy or feminine, you can rock this trendy look with or without the commitment to getting the actual piercing, you can thank super smart jewellery designers for bringing us faux septum jewellery. There are a lot of myths surrounding the origins of this holiday, which isn’t too surprising since some weed enthusiasts are known to have difficulties remembering the time to get the pizza out of the oven. The ball for securing BCRs is held in place with the help of tiny divots or dimples on each side, which securely fit in the opening of the circular ring.
If you follow those rules, then wearing your new BCR will be easy, fun, and fashionable without the stress and frustration of going at it alone.
It’s small and portable, so you can change styles on the go without worrying about fiddling with tiny ball ends. One option is a tool that has a claw-like grabbing mechanism to grasp ball ends that are rolling around in your jewelry box; another option is a tool that looks a lot like tweezers with rounded tips that are used to hold the ball end while you are maneuvering it into the grooves to fit back into the captive ring. The first and very important step of any piercing is ensuring the area to be pierced is clean. They can be a health and safety hazard in some industries (fast food, restaurants, jobs that require you to use industrial machinery, etc.) though, and that should be taken into consideration if you decide to get pierced.
Options like these are also available for tongue piercings, lip piercings and curved barbells for belly button piercings. These when used properly, will create enough wiggle room, to allow the ball to be more easily placed onto the ring.
Featured on the left the the tool used to adjust a ring smaller, should you have made it too large with the tools above as previously mentioned. The piercings are done one at a time, the clamp is applied to the first side and the area is inspected to see where the back of the jewelry will sit against the gums. There are a number of different types of hoops available that can be used as nose rings on our site, including seamless segment rings, captive bead rings, and closure rings. Additionally, a long stud can be inserted without it awkwardly sticking out, which is tough to accomplish with the usual nostril jewelry available. No matter how your nipple is pierced, you can count on these universal nipple rings to bring you the high style you deserve to flaunt. From simple earlobe piercings, to cartilage piercings (and the many variations – rook, daith, tragus), and the daring industrial barbell piercing! A hollow piercing needle is used to remove the small section of skin where the anchor will be placed. The piercing needle goes up through the tongue, and a cork is applied to the end to cover the pointed end. Healing time is about 4-8 weeks, during the first week there will be significant swelling and tenderness, drinking cold water especially immediately following the procedure will help with the swelling and soothe the area. This piercing comes with the risk of rejection and migration as well as the wearing of the tooth enamel, all things to consider before getting this piercing. A cork is placed on the needle’s point to prevent and injury to the piercer or the client.
The ends which are exposed are non-interchangeable, so whichever color or style of jewelry you pick would not be able to be changed once  the jewelry is placed.
The method of placing this piercing involves the piercer using a dermal punch, which is a hollow needle with a slanted end. The transverse piercing does not pierce the cartilage, but goes only through the skin of the ear lobe. Most people who get their transverse done when they already have stretched lobes will have the piercer do it through flexible, thin, silicone tunnels.
Just as with any new piercing, it is extremely important to follow your professional piercer’s aftercare regiment and guidelines. A BCR or circular barbell of proper diameter must be used; this however will be less comfortable on someone with unattached ear lobes. Likewise, the story itself is nothing short of what you would expect from the celebration considered the Oktoberfest for potheads. The ball removal tool has a rubber end that grips the ball to give you a little friction to twist it off from your jewelry without the risk of dropping it. In the center is a tool for grabbing ball ends, if you have them rolling around in a jewelry box or tray.
This type is most commonly bent into an l-shaped nose ring or some form of nose screw, but it can also be made into any other shape, including a nose hoop. These types of nose rings should not be used for initial or healing piercings because the bump at the end will give you plenty discomfort when you try to put it in.
The jewelry itself (a 14 or 12 gauge straight barbell) is inserted by following the needle directly through the hole and out through the top. Cleaning can be done with the sea salt solution, many find using a small shot glass to hold over the area to be an easy way to do so. James follows through with the jewelry as he removes the needle and then secures the top of the jewelry. This helps keep the jewelry in place and prevents it easily being ripped out. The exposed end has threading and the tops can be interchanged. The jewelry can be removed by the piercer should you decide you no longer want this piercing.
Much of the technique involved with this piercing depends on the anatomy of your ear and whether your lobes are attached or not.
You can also get custom tunnel plugs made that have holes drilled into them to accommodate such a piercing. There is also a risk of migration with this piercing, and jewelry that is too heavy is most often the cause. This is a great tool for those with butter fingers or hands too big to handle little pieces.
Before you even read on with healing times, please know the biggest factor in the length of time it takes is you.
The last tool on the right can be used to hold the ball end while you are placing in into the grooves to fit the captive ring. Once ready, the piercer will the pass the needle through the desired spot, cork off the pointed end, then proceed to follow the needle out with the jewelry.
When wearing a barbell, one ball emerges on each end and sits on the ear with no shaft exposed. Some piercers may use a curved needle on attached earlobes while a straight needle would generally be used on earlobes that are unattached. The second option looks amazing, but it is expensive and would be somewhat difficult to change on your own. Salt soaks are very important to the healing of the piercing because they help with drainage and abscess prevention. Avoid chewing gum, salty, spicy, or very hot foods as these may be injurious or irritating. Avoidance of swimming and contact with makeup, hair products, or lotion are often recommended, and extra care should be taken when brushing hair or undressing. A cork is applied to the tip of the needle on top of the tongue, just to cover up the sharp edge.
And as always, wash your hands before touching your piercings to avoid infections even after they are healed.
James then takes the jewelry (a straight barbell) and pushes the needle through the tongue, with the jewelry following right behind.

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