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Getting a tattoo done on your body is one big decision though as it’s going to stay on you forever!
You may opt any kind of tattoos to stay on your body right from the names and initials of your loved ones, to crazy images on any part of your body! Before you make a decision, decide the pattern you want as it better be something you want to see when you wake up each day.Trends are not meant only for your dresses and shoes, it is also meant for tattooing. Don’t expect yourself to walk into a tattoo parlour and expect the tattoo specialist to make a choice for you. Tattoos about FacebookFacebook is a popular social networking site with over one million users!

But, here are a few Facebook crazy people who do crazy tattoos in crazy places denoting the "Like" symbol of Facebook.
MySpace tattooWhen there is someone doing a Facebook tattoo, there will be a few others to support Myspace! How funny is that?Jokes as tattoosSome guys are naughty even when it comes to crazy tattoos. The "Stupid" tattooTattooing the word STUPID on the forehead has become one of the recent tattooing trends. Crazy tattoos are good and interesting when done, however, many forget the fact that it is going to stay on their body forever!Tattoos of PsyGanganam Style didn’t leave anyone alone!

Does he need any bigger recognition than this?The toilet cupcake tattooThis is a crazy tattoo for sure.

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