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Now, that a big international organisation puts up a show in germany, media takes recognition of the sport and some old wanker takes advantage of that in order to spit out his retarded political views. His BS will have no impact at all, many ppl love to see such events taking place in germany. I ll bet you ve never showed up here, most germans are very polite and humble, pls stop talking about something, you dont know, this is not 1933.
She is really hot,i just heard that she is hooking up with a ta ll basketball player on a ta ll da ting place named: ____Tallmingle . I'm kind of pissed off i didn't read this article earlier because I was thinking the exact same thing. She doesn't want the dick, she wants dich (which means you in German) Get your head out of the gutter.
Can you imagine what's gonna happen to Europe when MMA starts to mix in with all the soccer hooligans out there? A really smart promoter puts on an event in the period known among Germans as the "Sommerloch" or summer hole, when soccer season is over and everybody is crazy for some kind of sporting excitement. There are many reasons Crazy Horse III has been voted The Best Gentlemen's Club & Bachelor Party in Las Vegas. When you want the night you're planning to be the best night ever, let CH3 help you get everything you want. Bachelor parties, sporting events, fight nights, business trips A?a‚¬a€? we offer you the ultimate VIP experience for the best time ever.
The Crazy Horse III (a€?CH3a€?) is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all our customers and visitors.
Reproduction, distribution, republication and retransmission of material contained within the CH3 Web site is prohibited unless the prior permission of CH3 has been obtained. Someone comes up to you, says they got a face tattoo because they think it looks good on Mike Tyson.

Should have gone the extra mile and had that unibrow taken care of while he was decorating his face.
The mustache and shirt in that first pic make him look like he's coming to mow Dana White's lawn. The Blink-182 drummer was spotted on a date Sunday night at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California, with the UFC ring girl. However, a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE, "They are crazy about each other, having tons of fun – and she could be the one.
Travis Barker and Arianny Celeste Pacific Coast News Barker was previously married to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, and the couple starred in the popular MTV reality show Meet the Barkers before their relationship turned toxic. We ve got plenty small Freefight-events going on, but this sport is still kind of underground around here. Fuck this politician, he said that because there are elections this fall and he probably needs some votes.
You got to ask how javelin, boxing and skeet shooting all got their start as sports, all as some form of martial exercise. I think the "legitimizes death" is a bit harsh but people have the right to their opinions.
Call Crazy Horse III now and we'll send a limo to pick you up - plus you'll get in free and skip the line.
Check out our Crazy Deals or call us and one of our professional planners will create the ultimate personalized experience. Bachelor parties, VIP events, sexy couple's night out, after-convention meetups, even divorce parties are Crazier at CH3. If you're ready for some Crazy good fun, call us now and we will send a limo for a night filled with VIP service, Crazy good deals, and the most beautiful women in Las Vegas! CH3 welcomes locals with daily drink specials, locals-only discounts and of course, a Crazy good time.

If youa€™re looking for a Crazy fun night, then Crazy Horse III is the place you want to be. CH3 does not necessarily sponsor, endorse, or otherwise approve of the materials appearing in such sites. We have to assume that Filho sold ad space on his arm to Placartoon to finance his completely-necessary face-tattoo, which is totally something a mentally stable person would get. I just wish they would leave people alone who've accepted the risks and signed contracts and allow those of us who want to watch, watch.
If there's one thing people have done for the last few thousand years, it's try to push their opinions onto people who don't want them. CH3 offers daily drink specials, beer bucket deals, topless dancers, private lap dance rooms and more. Visitors are invited to submit information, comments or questions to us via the Contact Us page, and the information provided is only used by us to respond to the request and to send the visitor information about the club and the services that we offer. Had a mental breakdown during a fight against Chael Sonnen, liked drugs, emerged from rehab with some of the strangest tattoos in MMA history? Americans are gonna have to go backpacking thru the middle-east because of how much more peaceful it is there.
After Filho no-showed a fight last month for Bitetti Combat (which he blamed on a financial dispute), his U.S.

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