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Isn’t it a cool idea to make your own Quiz websites as it’s a cool way to engage users in your website? You can put the countdown timer value in minutes for the quiz & set passing marks option, show progress and display finish message. Here you can have a feature to send an email notification via custom email template and PDF template & also display a message for the user if he passes the quiz.
Here you can add questions for your quiz, define type of our question, difficulty level, multiple answers of a question and define one of them as a correct answer, here you will also able to explain the answers and save the questions. Groupon is a very successful website that sells coupons which are actually discounted gift certificates the buyers can use at national and local companies. I dug up some of the most remarkable little helpers for creating a group buying website, so let’s run through them and see exactly what they offer. This plugin was created by Daily Deal Builder, and it is used for spotlighting all kinds of promotions and selling deals.
If you upgrade, you will get even more options, like inputting your merchant account information and make your own deals which you can further on post, feature, share, basically do whatever you want with them.
It enables you to run your selling deals and write blog posts from the same WordPress website.
When it comes to payment gateway, PayPal payment standard gateway is supported, with the possibility of adding other payment easily base on your preference, and a promise of more payment gateways to arrive soon.
WPoupon is a WordPress theme that represents a very quick and functional way of starting your own Groupon clone without spending a fortune.
Accepting orders by email will be very easy with this theme, and there is also a “send us a gift” feature added.
It is extremely easy to add new deals and configure all the options, and most importantly, this theme is plugin friendly so you can freely add any plugin by your choice. When you run a deal site, the center of attention should be on the most important thing – the deals. This is a nice theme and plugin package with a professional design that can be easily customized to fit your needs.
When it comes to theme options and customization, you can change almost anything, and all of the options are sorted into categories for easy editing. The design of this theme was specifically created for deal sites, with big images to attract the attention of your visitors and make them interested in your deals. There is a blog integration added, and you will be able to display your company details on the homepage as well. The Big Deal is a WordPress theme that lets you create a great selling website with little effort.
Each of your shoppers will have their individual personal areas, giving them control over their purchases and keeping them informed at all times. This is a WordPress theme developed by SiteMile that transforms your regular blog into a group buying website.
DealPress supports only PayPal by default, but the developer can custom integrate any other payment gateway.
This is yet another great theme that lets you transform your regular WordPress blog into a group selling site. There is an integrated PayPal gateway making it very easy to take PayPal payments directly on your website. You will not be spammed and we will *not* share your address with *anyone*, your email address will be kept completely confidential.
Check out this new deal from InkyDeals, the place where creative professionals can get quality design products! Always wanted to create your own crowdfunding website to fund your personal or a business project?
The Groupon business model turned out to be a true revelation when it comes to online sales and promotions. It sounds like a great deal, when you think about it, and if you want to start your own business that is going to PAY OFF, this really might be a good choice.
Well basically, this is how it works: you create your website, you place products from various companies up, and once they are sold, you get a nice percentage.

There are themes available, specifically created for such websites, and besides that, a wide range of great plugins you can use.
It is very easy to install and run, and its usage will only make your blog more fun and profitable.
With this great plugin you will be able to list the products in a nice and attractive way, and you will be able to customize your whole store’s design for it to look even more professional and compact. WP Deals is fully customizable, allowing you to use your own WordPress theme, and still be able to change a lot of things about the layout, like uploading your own logo, changing color schemes etc. This theme is basically a full package of features and options for the creation of such a website on a WordPress platform.
Facebook and Twitter login is enabled for your customers which makes things very easy for everyone. They will be displayed on the homepage in such a manner so everyone can see how much time is left for grabbing the deal, with product details included, along with sharing buttons and a Buy Now button.
It has many built-in features, letting you create and manage your group sales website very easily.
Your featured deals will be shown with a huge photo on the homepage with full product descriptions, a buy now button and a vintage countdown timer added for everyone to see.
It looks clean, straight forward and very attention grabbing – just as a Groupon clone should look like. Your featured deal will be in the spotlight, placed at the very center of your homepage, with a cute, animated image slider and a status panel along with a details area where you can describe the product thoroughly. The Big Deal is priced at $97 and more information can be found here, or click here for a live demo. The theme is fully featured, and you will need no other additional plugins for creating such a website. With Facebook and Twitter integration, this theme gives nice sharing options and guarantees a wide audience for your website. It features one click installation, making sure you get imported everything you need to start using your Groupon clone site. The admin panel is very easy to operate and it allows you to clearly monitor all of your transactions and sales so you are updated on any changes, at all times. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated, so do not use a spammy keyword or a domain as your name, or it will be deleted. We’ve created the ultimate list of all paid and free WordPress themes and plugins to build your own crowdfunding website! In her blogs she shares code snippets, tutorials, freebies, resources to help people develop their skills. The kinds of group sales that happen at Groupon bring benefit to everyone: the website, the company that sells the product, and the ending customer. Some of them are free, some of them need to be paid for, but let’s be realistic here, a little investment can lead to creating an awesome business you can keep running for years and benefit a great deal out of it.
A built in deal field is featured, and it makes offering deals and discounts an easy job + it is going to look great for your audience. Assigning categories to your deals is also quick and easy with this plugin, as well as adding tags.
WPoupon is priced at $99.95, for a demo and more information about this theme go to their website. Searching for a particular deal is also possible with a nice search form included in the sidebar, and below it, useful widgets can be found: Member Dashboard, categories, subscribe, etc.
A countdown timer will be shown publicly along with the number of sales and the price of the deal.
Many more integrations are added, such as blog integration, social network sharing integration, Google Maps integration, etc. Your visitors will be able to subscribe to your email and get monthly updates about upcoming hot sales. You will be able to take full control over the deal options including price, maximum, minimum and deal details. Custom message content is a nice possibility, and The Big Deals has several areas ready-made to show your content in a nice way.

You will be able to easily add new deals and assign multiple locations and categories to them, add tags, etc. There is also the email notifications option for your users to be regularly informed on their sales.
Besides WordPress she loves to read, shop, play tennis and indulge her passion for dark chocolate. You can create a powerful & impressing Quiz website with us using WPQT (WordPress Quiz tool plugin) within a few minutes. This system is pretty easy to understand: Groupon gets in touch with companies, offers to sell coupons that bring discounts for whatever service or product the company sells, people buy those coupons and get the product at a low price. It used to be hard to do this unless you are some kind of a programming wonder, but nowadays there are a lot of themes and plugins that can help you create your own Groupon clone which makes everything a lot simpler. Investing in a group buying website is likely to pay off, all you need to do is find the right plugins to help you with the creation of your website, and make it fully functional. This way you will be able to monetize your audience closely, and boost your blog to be even more valuable. You will be able to check the performance of your published deals within the admin panel and see all the details about any sale.
All of your active deals will be also displayed on the front page with “ending soon” deals separately listed. Once they do that, an account is automatically created, and a username and password are sent to the email address provided. When it comes to shortcodes, WPGroupBuy offers lot of them for pricing tables, tabs, toggle, column layouts, and many more.
The blog feature of your WP site will remain untouched, making sure you can continue with blog posts unaffected by the theme. The Dealers theme is priced at $45, more information about this theme can be found here, and a live demo here. Elaine lives in Toronto and when she is not online, she is either Marathon and Triathlon training or travelling and racing somewhere in the world.
This way of selling products isn’t only good for you as the website owner; it is also great for the companies whose products you are going to sell, because it will bring many new customers to them, and a lot of great advertising.
You can also announce the upcoming deals in a separate section, and there is an email capture button added. By default this theme lists only one deal, but you can easily change this and add more deals if you want to. Your customers will be able to create their own accounts and edit their profile as they please, with the possibility of keeping track of their purchase history. You can follow her on Twitter or if you're on Google+ then you can add Renee Klein to your circle. Certificates that guarantee up to 90% discount are very attractive for customers; the companies get a great deal of quality internet marketing (a great way to launch a new product), and Groupon gets their share of the profit. It is also great for the customers themselves, I mean, who doesn’t like getting a great product by a low price? Companies and sellers who want to submit a deal will be able to do so by clicking the “submit a deal” button, which opens up a form for them to fill in. It’s a win-win combination for everyone, that’s probably why it works so well, and so many people start their own selling sites of this type. I want to have a website where everyone can sell there car on my website, and i want to charge. I want the customer to be able to login and manage there listing, plus i want to charge customer for posting a car for sale.

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