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Every band understands the importance of their visual image, and how that come across to their listeners. This tutorial will guide you through techniques in Photoshop that will create an atmospheric, grungy logo, perfect for industrial, rock or metal bands. Next we’re going to add our logo type, using the Text Tool, type your band name in the center of the canvas. The kerning is a little messy by default, so tidy this up by reducing some of the larger gaps between the letters.
Our text is sitting quite flush now, but we’re going to make some slight adjustments to the font to improve it further. Change the color of the text, I’ve gone with a slightly darker, desaturated blue for a cold feel. Duplicate your logo layer so that it is placed directly above the original that we just applied effects too. The logo looks pretty awesome now, but just to finish off let’s add a bit of lighting. This tutorial demonstrates how to take t-shirt artwork and mock it up on a real world model photo.

This tutorial will teach you how to take a flat seamless wood texture and sculpt it into a curved presentation backdrop ideal for product mockups.
This tutorial will teach you how to distress a photograph by merging it with a grunge texture, using layer masks and displacement filters in Photoshop for a realistic result. Quatrefoil is an ornamental design with four lobes that resemble a flower or clover leaf, it is most commonly seen in Gothic architecture but can also make a cool, minimal pattern for modern web and graphic design. Hi there, this is totally off topic but wasn’t able to leave a comment on the original post. I downloaded your word-press Parallax theme and was wondering if you could explain how to crop the gallery photo thumbnails? I was searching for a blog to learn about making a logo design for my company and your post was the right one to have a reference for the same. Attribution for free resources must be provided in conjunction any time the freebie is used, on the same page where the resource appears on your design. A big part of that visual image for most musicians is in their logo, it's what's printed on their CDs, posters, T-shirts etc. And the techniques you will learn are applicable to many more subjects, the most obvious ones being movie and game titles.

Also if you are using a different font or band name, familiarize yourself with the fonts characteristics before you start making edits, otherwise it won’t seem natural.
These might seem a little harsh at first but they get toned down by extra layers added later.
This technique can be applied to any appropriate photo of a model wearing a plain shirt or vest etc. And the beauty of a band logo is that, unlike it in world of business, a band logo can often be a lot more liberal with special effects, atmosphere, and impact. The current background image is a little strong so we’re going to tone it down by reducing the Brightness and Contrast.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have learned a little about tweaking fonts, working with blending modes and layer styles! Me be small business logos are terriblehow to create a logo design Theseif you get anywhere else you need.

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