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If you've been wondering, "How can I design my own name tattoo?" you may be pleased to know there are a number of options available to help you come up with the perfect design.
There are many types of name tattoos available, which can help you narrow your choices and start the design process off right.
Incorporate a name into a line of script or text, or just find some unique fonts to have the name written in. Does the name you are considering for your tattoo have a meaning that can be literally translated? Family tattoos can often be incorporated in a coat of arms, allowing you to honor your ancestors or family heritage along with your family name.
The classic banner with a name inscribed on it can be stretched below or across another tattoo to create a more intricate design.
Designing a name tattoo can be done in many of the same ways you design other tattoos; by beginning with an idea of what you want.

If you are honoring a person, is there something about this person you can incorporate into the tattoo along with the name to give the tattoo substance and interest? Is this a tattoo you will want to see every day, or allow to be seen by everyone, or is this a tattoo you will get in an area that you know is there, but is not to be shared or viewed? Keeping all of these thoughts in mind as you design the tattoo can help you choose the type of name tattoo, its placement and finally the ultimate design. Whether it's your own name, a family name or the name of a loved one, begin by determining what kind of name tattoo you are after. These types of tattoos can be worn for memory or honor and are the most classic of name tattoos. Flowers, leaves, trees and other nature scenes are the perfect backdrops for "hiding" a name. Some names like "Samara" (elm-tree seed) or "Lee" (a body of water) can be used to inspire a pictorial tattoo.

Some names translate easily into runes or single characters that are easy to transcribe on the skin. Simply by asking yourself, "How can I design my own name tattoo?" you are starting on the road to something more unique than a simple, stenciled name.
If the name you are considering for a tattoo has a meaning that can become something different, it can be the perfect way of adding a name that's known only to you. Alternatively, you can design your own tattoo by taking letters from other alphabets, such as Cyrillic and using them to replace the letters of the name. The result is a name tattoo that isn't easily read, but full of interest and personalization.

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