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While usually not necessary, you can change the code and options to suit your specific visual sitemap requirements.
This includes HTML, CSS styling, JavaScript code, columns per sitemap page, links per sitemap page etc. Ages back I touched on the importants of using angles in staging, in terms of helping draw a viewers eyes to the features of the home.
Now I’m not saying to just start turning your furniture willy-nilly, but it is important to understand that the lines your furniture makes will be one of the things directing the flow of your home.

A strong staging won’t just emphasize the selling features of your home; it will also create a visual path that flows through each room. The living room is then staged to create a series of subtle visual pathways that flow towards the dining room. If you change the code or options, be sure to test your changes before uploading the created sitemaps to your website.
Ideally a potential buyer will feel drawn from room to room with each rooms selling features equally highlighted by the staging.

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