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First up is our City Limits String Art Project, featured at our Geometrics party last March.
We’re thinking one of these days it would be really rad to do this on a large scale as an art installation.
Ampersand love in design has been around for a while, and yes, we’re part of that group too.
Instead of wrapping paper and spray adhesive we used patterned wood-grain adhesive paper, the kind used for lining drawers. It takes a bit of patience cutting out all the pieces but the end result is so worth it and definitely way greener and animal-friendly! One of my favourite thrift store finds of all time is a 1967 Better Homes and Gardens: Treasury of Christmas Ideas book with tons of retro holiday inspiration. As promised, here’s the easy-peasy DIY tutorial on how to make your very own batik chic scarf using inexpensive materials from around the house.
The photos were taken at the Spins & Needles Pop-Up Batik Chic Picnic we held this past Sunday at park in downtown Ottawa.
For a batik with more than one clour, paint more wax on top of the first colour and dye the piece again using a different colored dye. You’ll notice that rather than use red and white (colours of the Canadian flag), I opted to replace the white with a striped silver fabric (coincidentally it ended up looking like birch bark and so added some unexpected woodsy flair). Thanks to geek x nerd’s post on Independence Day buntings that inspired me to revisit this idea and create this Canadian themed project. For inspiration on Canadian symbols and fashion I came across this au courant article from the Ottawa Citizen.
Photos of some of the creations from the night of the event will be featured.  So watch out – one of your creations might be selected! And feel free to share and distribute under the following Creative Commmons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.
First up is what we worked on at the May 2010 installment which was our Post-Cinco de Mayo Party. Whip up some delicious felt or craft foam tacos with cut up lettuce, tomato and cheese pieces. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a retro-inspired, holiday wreath from materials around the house.

There’s lots of variations using American states, but as far we searched, none really for Canada. My first introduction to this logogram was as a kid watching Wheel of Fortune – I always thought it was so neat that you could get the ampersand for free.
In the last post we featured Part 1 of how to plan your own bricolage brunch, mainly focusing on decoration and recipes. Trace onto foam board: 2 deer heads, 1 deer body, 1 deer nose, 2 deer antlers, 1 mounting board. Other inspirations include instructions found in a thrifted McCall’s craft magazine, the and posts around the web. Start drawing: Dip your paintbrush into the melted liquid and draw directly onto your fabric. Or you can paint directly with the different colour dye instead of submerging the entire piece. Setting the fabric: When your fabric is dry, place a fresh piece of wax or craft paper on top. Now tack above your desk or anywhere else in your house where you want to post project ideas and other stuff.
Sew sides together: While letting the paint dry, match up one red triangle with another red triangle and pin together. Also, the Globe and Mail is teaming up with Facebook in the days leading up to Canada Day, asking Canadians about what our true national symbols should be.
Throughout the summer we’ll be adding new sets of instructions and plan on having all of them up by the end of summer 2010. But as the dust settles, I’ve still got a few days to craft up some holiday decorations and add some cheer to our place!
It’s an updated versions inspired from one  of my vintage Christmas how-to books from Better Home and Garden and uses circles instead of flowers.
Using varying shades of green craft foam or construction paper or felt, cut out circles in three different sizes, enough to fill the perimeter of your circular backing. Hang your wreath on the front of the door to wish everyone happy holidays and spread good cheer amongst your neighbours! Whether you’re ready to create a custom order or are simply interested in gathering information, submitting the contact form will get you engaged with our team.

Then place wax paper or craft paper on your working surface so wax doesn’t seep through.
Then take one of the small aluminum pie tins and poke a couple holes on the side of the tin with a pencil. We used Rit-Dye which usually calls for hot water, but, because of the wax, we used regular room temperature water. I decided stencil would be on the silver pennants. Using your sponge brush, apply black fabric paint to your stencil making sure you get every nook and cranny. Pin one triangle at this point under the ribbon, then continue pinning each triangle so that the point of one pennant meets the point of another pennant underneath the ribbon. But you can apply the same idea to other shapes, as long as they are quite solid and simple. Leave the fabric in depending on how intense you want the colour to be: shorter for less intense, longer for more intense. For the lighter red cotton fabric, I cut one triangle and then a second one so that I could sew them together to make the pennant sturdier and hang better.
Using your sewing machine, sew down either side of your ribbon to the pennants to secure your triangles. I wanted to stencil poutine on a pennant but not sure how I could capture that). For all you Canadians out there, what symbols do you think should be added ? Are there any crafty-related ones that should be included? Once all the layers have been arranged, you should have a small circle with a bit of your backing peeping through.
Place the tin with holes on top to cover the flames, then place another aluminium pie tin on top with the wick-less tealight. Tip: make sure the paint is dry before removing the adhesive otherwise you may lift up some of the paint. If you buy thicker fabric for all pennants you can skip Step 5.  For my bunting I had a total of nine pennants.

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