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3) The lantern that Rapunzel helps get skyward is the one her parents, the King and Queen, launched.
Goofy Tip: You can find Pinocchio in the Snugly Duckling so I guess it is fitting that you can meet Rapunzel and Flynn next to the Village Haus at Disneyland.
For great tips that you can take with you on your tablet or smart phone download the Kindle app and buy a copy of Goofy Tips for a Happy Disney Vacation. This entry was posted in Disneyland, Goofy Tips, Things to see and tagged Disneyland, fear, Rapunzel, Tangled. I think it’s a beaut design and will symbolise the eternal love I will have for this person.
I’m betting it had magical properties that made it manageable as well as a healing power.

When you have had a fear for a long time you may notice that the only fear left is the fear of letting the fear go.
For 99 cents you’ll have hundreds of great ideas for visiting the Disney Parks only an app away. It is how you can remember the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. And for a bit of role reversal Flynn does not start out as a prince, but becomes one by marrying Rapunzel. We may not have an evil witch filling our minds with fearful ideas, but then again, we do a great job by ourselves.
Saying that doesn’t make the fear go away, but at least by admitting that I have the fear I can start to deal with it.

Certain princesses are known by their color; either the color of their hair, the color of their gown, or some other defining feature. So for seven posts we’re going to have fun exploring the colors of the rainbow, Disney princesses, and fun activities connected to them.

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