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The main feature of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system is undoubtedly the new Start Menu, which acts as a launcher for all of your frequently-used applications. Leave Program Arguments blank, unless you are an advanced user and know what to input here.
Many users like custom skin packs rather than installer which can be dangerous sometimes to install. If you do not want to install ready made icons, font and visual design into one installer because of security of your PC and want some skins which is absolutely your choice then I am agree with you. 1How to Change Win 8 Icons: First part contains modifying icons of Windows operating system. A customization windows will be open where you can change Desktop icons like My computer, Control penal and Recycle bin. When you will right Click anywhere on the desktop, You will find menus in the context menu. You can choose from the list given there or browse and upload from your computer hard disk. 6Windows 8 Custom Themes: Any Skin pack contains icons, fonts, screensaver, visual design and Wallpapers.

Note: When you will combine all these resources into your windows operating system then it will become custom skin.
The new Windows 8 is set to launch on October 26th, and developers and early adopters are still getting used to the new interface.
All of them are based off of content I’ve found on Google Images, then edited in Photoshop. If you really want to customize your windows skin pack then you should download additional fonts or have to learn how to use already installed fonts which you have never seen in your windows. Windows 8 borrows a lot of its functionality and look from the touchscreen-friendly Windows phones.
But unlike the iPhone, Windows 8 users can in fact create custom tiles in their own without any software hacking.All you need to do is download OblyTile and have some sort of imaging program to create the tiles. As you know right now only Win 8 release preview has been launched and it is really tough to make any package for Pre release versions. Your customize skin will be ready for install in other PC too after customization if you will save that package. Suppose you have used sea wallpaper and you have used fish screensaver then it will be great combination for your custom skin.

This part is apply for international users who wanted to use windows in their own language.
If you have changed your mind and want to install ready made visual style custom theme then download 3 Killer Themes for Windows 8 which will do the same work except language and screensaver. As with Windows phones, Windows 8 uses the now ubiquitous tiles as part of the new Metro Desktop. You can customize start screen in Windows 8 very easily but it needs to be activate operating system.
If you are running Win 8 Release preview or other preview versions then you might know that they are beta versions and not fully activated so right now you will not be able to change them.

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