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This page is a tutorial on using emacs's default features to edit lisp code, or any text with matching brackets.
Emacs has many commands that are very helpful in moving around nested brackets, analogous to navigating a tree. Not your average Android news -- a diverse mix of advice, insight, and analysis with veteran Android journalist JR Raphael. Beyond its basic design and features, the Moto 360 has some pretty interesting qualities that set it apart from other Android Wear watches. Select this sample bobblehead body and allow us to hand sculpt the head to resemble the photograph that you provide to us.
Here's the list (it scrolls side to side with a swipe of the finger) of the watch faces that came preinstalled on your Moto 360. If Yahoo Mail is your email app of choice on Android, you can now test out new features before they go live with the app's newly launched open beta.
Six inches of Sony, and MediaTek — along with some serious camera action — could be the start of another big thing for the Japanese manufacturer's reboot of the Xperia line.

Now, try to move your cursor, by using ONLY ?Ctrl+Alt+arrow?, to the “pop” , then move it to “let”, then “funcall”.
Chances are, there's something you like already built in to the software on your new watch.
Once you have this done, fire up the Motorola Connect app and you should see your 360 listed as a connected device. You can change the overall color of the watch face (and if you hate black bars you'll want to make it black) under the "Background" setting, and change that nifty sweep retrograde second hand color in the bottom section.
The face on your watch instantly changes to match the colors you picked in the Motorola Connect app on your phone. We have a feeling that Motorola has more in store here, and expect other ways to customize watch faces or even a way to import third-party ones once Google gets some Android Wear APIs squared away. Leather cases are a great and durable way to protect your Galaxy S7 while maintaining a sense of upscale style and really making your phone stand out.
It is very helpful to understand how sexp corresponds to a tree, and how the commands move the cursor exactly.

But (and there's always a but) I know nobody would complain if there were a way to alter the colors of the bundled watch faces, right? This update includes the software needed to adjust the watch faces and send them over the air to your Moto 360. It even tells you that you'll be able to customize the colors of the various watch faces installed. I went with black and yellow, because black always looks good and yellow always makes black look even better. You should choose whatever color scheme you like, because this thing is on your wrist and not mine. Below, you'll see a green bar that says "Customize." I'll bet you can guess what happens when you tap it.

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