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A revolutionary new app delivers original inspirational quotes to iPhone users each day for a year.
BEST IN SHOW: A selection of messages from 365 Positivity - the daily inspirational quotes app for iPhone.
BEST QUOTES APP365 Positivity is contributing to this culture with its new daily inspirational quotes app for iPhone users, which pings messages of self-improvement direct to the users mobile each day for one year. WHOSE SIDE IS GOD ON IN SPORTS?Does The Creator Rig Sports Events In Favour Of Certain Players & Teams? MILLIONAIRES OF KINDNESSRevolutions Are Often Started By Those With No Money, But Rich Intent.

This is one of lifea€™s fundamental truths, and nowhere is this better illustrated than in our perpetual quest for meaning, inspiration and empowerment through the study of quotes. The idea for the app evolved out of author Ben Arogundadea€™s personal battles with his physical health, as well as his struggles as a carer for his late mother, who was stricken with cancer. The consumption of this abbreviated language is a growing phenomenon, not just via messaging sites such as Twitter, but also by the large numbers who search online daily for the best quotes. The quotes app was devised as a means of staying positively focused about life through these tough times.FRESH APP FOR IPHONEUnlike other quotes apps for iPhone, 365 Positivitya€™s daily messages are not merely compilations of existing inspirational quotes from celebrities and well-known historical figures a€” many of which users will have read before a€” instead, the app consists of original quotes created with a contemporary and often humorous feel, and which are more relevant to life today.
Our 365 best quotes include references to everything from Star Wars to Deepak Chopra, and they cover a diversity of topics, including love, kindness, compassion, motivation, mindfulness, success, personal change, diet and the natural world.

These figures say much about the positive pre-occupations of large sections of people around the world today. DAILY INSPIRATIONAL QUOTESThe appa€™s daily inspirational quotes act like an amazing series of digital fortune cookies a€” each message is designed to inspire pro-active thought or action that could change your life for the better a€” all through the power and beauty of words. The timing of 365 Positivitya€™s quotes fits in with the worlda€™s increasing connection with meditation and mindfulness, and the ways in which these practices can improve our lives, relationships and daily performance levels.

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