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The Google Picasa albums syncing and flooding your Android gallery is always annoying, when you try to remove them from your device but fail to do so, because these photos are originally from your Google Picasa folder and not from your device, and you have got no option to remove them from your device directly. Google’s recent change in rules has made your Google picasa folder merged into the Google Plus albums, and now you can access all your photos in the Google Plus photos folder. Although we mentioned in the title that stopping the syncing of the photos would remove the photos, it’s not the first step to do but the final one. Now, open your Google Plus account and browse to the Photos section where these photos would be appearing.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the album would be deleted and not show in the Android gallery.
We know most of you already did the mistake by syncing, thus the photos appeared in the gallery. Once you have stopped syncing the photos from your Android device in your Google account, you can re-add the photos to your Google Plus photos section or the Google Picasa, and they now don’t appear in your Android phone.
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As we talked on the last article, iOS 8 has many features that previous versions don’t have like third-party keyboards support, next word prediction, ┬álock screen notifications and battery stats to see how much juice every app has used.

One feature that some may like and some may hate is the fact that deleted photos from the gallery aren’t actually gone.
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If you need a quick photo gallery without the hassle of installing a plugin, you need not look any further. If you just need something simply, there is nothing more simple than using built-in WordPress functionality.
You will note that WordPress puts in navigation on that page so that you can always go back to the gallery or to the next and previous photos. You can go back and edit your gallery settings in the page editor by selecting the gallery and clicking the settings icon. If the default WordPress photo gallery is not sufficient for your needs, there are many photogallery wordpress plugins out there, one of which is Royal Slider which is responsive design and mobile friendly. All contents are opinions and are copyrighted and may contain display ads and ad links for which site may receive revenues from. Now, if you wanted to remove the photos from appearing in your Android gallery, you need to first stop syncing the Google Photos through the settings.

First of all, you have to do some sacrifice by deleting these photos from your Google Photos albums after taking a backup of that.
Open the album and select all the photos which you want to delete, and select every photo if you want to delete the folder itself. If you delete a photo from the gallery, instead of disappearing forever, it goes to Recently deleted album. The trick to getting a photo gallery is to select multiple photo files at the same time using Ctrl-Click. If a picture is inside Recently Deleted album, it will get automatically deleted after one month.
And it would be the text that would show up if the images were disabled in the browser or if image is not available for some reason.

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