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The upper back lends itself well to Asian themed tattoos such as Chinese writing, dragons or yin yang tattoos.
The large area of the upper back is often the location for a tribute to a big love in someone's life.
Traditional tattoos such as skull and crossbones, Hawaiian or nautical themes, pin up girls, and religious themes all make great designs for upper back tattoos as well.
Some people like to have their guardian angel permanently inked to look over their shoulder.

Traditional themes also lend themselves well to being continued into a larger back piece if you plan to expand your tattoo in the future. The upper back offers a larger flat area of skin canvas that allows space for one big tattoo or several smaller ones. Delicate Asian flowers such as the rare lotus and the elegant cherry blossom might be added to these themes when a feminine touch is desired. It also lends itself to large colorful hearts, and banners big enough to write a whole love poem on.

The sun will fade your artwork, so even if you are using sunscreen you may wish to cover tattoos on your upper back limit sun exposure. Dragons and floral themes may also continue down the back or arms for larger Asian tattoos.

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