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Dog tattoos are often sported by many people as they are an excellent way of expressing one’s personal affection and love for his or her canine companion. Foo Dogs (Fu Dogs, Foo Lions, Guardian Lions, or Komainu) are the guardians of Buddhist Asian temples.
Many Chinese restaurants have placed Foo Dogs outside their restaurant doors and they are meant to protect the owner and their family. The Foo Dog of Asia has also been called the “Lion of Buddha” and that name is actually much more accurate, since it is a lion and not a dog at all. The local Shinto religion of Japan, which predates Buddhism, also has a lion protector, with a red head, who drives away evil spirits and brings health and wealth. With their pointed ears and their curly but subdued manes of hair, there is certainly a resemblance to dogs. 12 years of Experience in SEO Agency, Wordpress optimization and SEM Expert , All types of Tier 1, 2 & 3, link wheel, indexation, Content Writing, Building and Support. If you are interested in dog prints, you can check the post out and see what you want here. For the Native Americans, dogs represented faith and reliability, thereby giving them the role of guardians over secret and ancient wisdom. But it is perhaps the Ancient Chinese legends that really regarded dogs as sacred creatures.
These ancient sacred dogs are usually placed to the left and to the right of a temple entrance. Known also as Fu Dogs, Fo Dogs, and karashishi (in Japan), they are used extensively in Asian art, sculpture, and, of course, tattoos.
No matter the origin though, be it Chinese or Japanese, Buddhist or Shinto, the definitive Foo Dog is fundamentally protective, strong, and courageous.

More than likely, it is that resemblance which has caused the widespread confusion about these animals, also known as Chinese Lions and even Lion Dogs.
For the good memories you’ve had with your pet, immortalizing its image on your skin is a chic way to go.
In ancient Babylon, dogs were the sacred animals of the goddess Gula, who could cure or cause illnesses. In addition, dogs were the loyal companions of Greece’s Hectate, the Celts’ Mother Goddess, Northern Europe’s the “Hag of the Iron Wood” Athngurboda, and Persia’s Queen of the Underworld. The ancient Goh or Gou was known to have the keenest senses of sight and smell among those in the Celestial Kingdom. Dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time and they have been exclusively featured in many myths and folklores of the ancient world. It is even said that when they are cubs, their mothers will throw them from cliffs, so that only the strongest survive.
But the resemblance is accidental and due to the fact that virtually all knowledge of actual lions was second hand to the Asian artists who initially created them. However, its dire need for affection insulted the gods, who then sent the dog to Earth to live among humans. Retrievers are well known to be loyal, terriers to be brave, and collies to be intelligent. The meaning of a foo dog tattoo is therefore very similar, to protect it’s bearer and guard against evil forces.
Many times, Foo Dogs occur in pairs, placed at gated entrances, for example, seated and yet always ready.
Their knowledge was second hand because, although dogs abound the world over, lions have never been native to the orient.

Moreover, who can forget the iconic three-headed dog Cerberus, the Greek guardian of the underworld? Today, the dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac and is the annual animal every 12 years. According to ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Celtic mythologies, dogs were also believed to be spiritual guides or psychopomps who assist people in their transition from the physical realm of the living to the non-physical realm of the dead. The Foo Dog to the right is typically thought of as male, with the mouth open a bit, one front paw resting on a sphere, which is often carved as open latticework and represents both heaven and the totality of Buddhist law. On the other hand, these rather dark associations fueled the Jewish and Muslim beliefs of dogs being unclean. Dogs symbolize faithfulness, blind love, obedience, and defensiveness—and those under its sign get dog tattoos to mirror their personalities. On the left is the female, mouth closed, paw resting on a small cub, typically shown upside down on its back, which represents the earth. Dog tattoos can be done in simple black ink, or they can be drawn in attractive coat shades like brown, yellow and white.
And in the hopes of immortalizing their lost canine, several more have dog tattoos that are replicas of their favorite pet. Both realistic as well as cartoonish impressions of canines are equally popular as tattoo arts.

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