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Dog tattoos are often sported by many people as they are an excellent way of expressing one’s personal affection and love for his or her canine companion. Mississauga Tattoo Shop [Gwan Soon Lee Tattoo & Piercing] is Owned and Operated by Gwansoon Lee. For the Native Americans, dogs represented faith and reliability, thereby giving them the role of guardians over secret and ancient wisdom. But it is perhaps the Ancient Chinese legends that really regarded dogs as sacred creatures.
Tattoo designs featuring wolves are not only unique and attractive but also carry deep symbolic values. A lone wolf tattoo depicts much about the character of the wearer, showing the person to be brave and strong spirited who prefers to work alone with a determination to perform tasks considered difficult by others. These creative tattoos may have Native American associations with people often having the names of their dear ones inked inside each paw.
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For the good memories you’ve had with your pet, immortalizing its image on your skin is a chic way to go.
In ancient Babylon, dogs were the sacred animals of the goddess Gula, who could cure or cause illnesses.
In addition, dogs were the loyal companions of Greece’s Hectate, the Celts’ Mother Goddess, Northern Europe’s the “Hag of the Iron Wood” Athngurboda, and Persia’s Queen of the Underworld. The ancient Goh or Gou was known to have the keenest senses of sight and smell among those in the Celestial Kingdom. There are countless varieties of wolf tattoos based on whatever symbolism and emotions the wearer wants them to project. Dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time and they have been exclusively featured in many myths and folklores of the ancient world. However, its dire need for affection insulted the gods, who then sent the dog to Earth to live among humans. Retrievers are well known to be loyal, terriers to be brave, and collies to be intelligent. Wolves are often associated with both the positive and negative forces in various cultures. Moreover, who can forget the iconic three-headed dog Cerberus, the Greek guardian of the underworld?

Today, the dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac and is the annual animal every 12 years. So, wolf tattoos can have either good or evil connotations based on the taste of an individual.
According to ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Celtic mythologies, dogs were also believed to be spiritual guides or psychopomps who assist people in their transition from the physical realm of the living to the non-physical realm of the dead. On the other hand, these rather dark associations fueled the Jewish and Muslim beliefs of dogs being unclean. Dogs symbolize faithfulness, blind love, obedience, and defensiveness—and those under its sign get dog tattoos to mirror their personalities.
Dog tattoos can be done in simple black ink, or they can be drawn in attractive coat shades like brown, yellow and white.
And in the hopes of immortalizing their lost canine, several more have dog tattoos that are replicas of their favorite pet. Both realistic as well as cartoonish impressions of canines are equally popular as tattoo arts.

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