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JAKARTA - Conservation group WWF said it spotted 18 critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in Indonesian waters off Borneo island Tuesday and called for greater protection of the species' habitat. There is little data on the Irrawaddy dolphin - which resembles the common bottlenose dolphin but has no beak and a snub dorsal fin - and no comprehensive survey has been conducted to measure its global population. Over five days a research team surveyed 260 kilometres (160 miles) along the coast of West Kalimantan, on Indonesia's half of Borneo island, and spotted the species travelling in small groups. The sightings show that the dolphins' habitat is still intact, despite degradation by hundreds of pulp and charcoal plantations by the coast, Tjiu said.
The team also encountered three Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins that live in the same type of ecosystem.
The two dolphin species live in biodiverse mangroves - estuaries of dense tropical trees or shrubs that grow along coastal sediment, resembling muddy swampland. Mangroves have a distinct vegetation that, like peatland forests, can take thousands of years to fully form. Critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins have been recorded in the Mekong River in Cambodia; the Ayeyawardi River in Myanmar and the Mahakam River of East Kalimantan.
In 2009, biologists recorded the world's biggest Irrawaddy dolphin population of around 6,000 in Bangladesh.

Irrawaddy dolphins, like many other marine species, often die entangled in fishing nets and in crab traps, as well as from electric fishing. Mangroves, which also offer natural flood protection from rising sea levels, are under threat of unsustainable agriculture and climate change.
As mentioned earlier our dive guide Neil had plenty of experience and during our subsequent surface interval I quizzed him about his experiences.
Please Note: The form must have an e-mail address or it will not send to us (to stop us from getting too much spam) if you don't want to leave your address just make one up, however we would ask that you please give us your address in case we need to clarify any of the information you have given us. Disclaimer: Diving is a dangerous sport, we recommend diving through an accredited diving organisation and always diving within the limits of your diving qualifications. Rampant land conversion for paper and palm oil plantations, among others, has destroyed swathes of land, particularly in Kalimantan.
We recommend that you only dive with dive centers that are accredited by a major diving association or by their local tourist authority. If the island actually needed something to make it even more unique, then this would be it. When asked what was the most amazing thing he had seen here, he grinned and settled back in his chair, flexing his shoulders he had the twinkle in his eye of someone who had plenty to tell.

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We cannot be held responsible for any errors on the site and for any actions you may take after viewing its content. Costeau decided this simply would not do and after 2 weeks of ferrying equipment down to cave in ever decreasing visibility, he ordered the turtle carcass to be removed. I could easily have spent twice as long here and returned time and time again to explore the other passages.

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