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The one single thing that makes dolphin tattoo so popular is the nearly universally positive symbolism behind a dolphin.
Dolphin sketch drawings, dolphin, delfines, delfin, tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures, tribal. Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Swimming with dolphins has helped children to cope with handicaps, overcome learning challenges and soothed the suffering of individuals with severe depression or mental anguish.
Dolphin tattoos may include several members of a pod, or perhaps just a mother dolphin and her calf or her mate.
The tribal dolphin tattoo designs show a dolphin as a a bold and beautiful artistic statement like a totem animals. Two dolphins forming a circle, with noses to tails can make a perfect design to surround navels or nipples, and you can always combine dolphins with other popular tattoo designs to make your own unique statement. Regardless of the size or color, the dolphin's eyes will still shine with that nearly human intelligence which they uniquely possess. You can download and obtain this terrific wallpaper that we served by click the download button below to get our large versions.

In fact, many people view dolphins and dolphin tattoos as highly symbolic a benevolent protector, or a symbol of the joy and abundance that is associated with the ocean. Dolphins are a classic symbol for safe travel and charitable kindness, and that curved animal image has been used on royal crests and national icons for centuries. Dolphin designs integrate well with both Celtic and tribal tattoo designs, and can be manipulated to create fantastic armbands.
The Celtic dolphin incorporates the dolphin into a knot work design, often the curved dolphin, simply depicted, sits within a complex Celtic border. There are colorful images of dolphin tattoos available such as Pink dolphins, blue dolphins, silver or black dolphins.
Alone or in pods, paired with mermaids or whales, the dolphin will always serve as our unique link to the underwater world.
A great many people go for dolphin tattoos these days and many of them have the same reasons for doing so.
We are told our whole lives how friendly and smart they are and people seem to have an affinity for them not unlike the way they feel about the great whales.
Although we know the dolphin is a mammal nowadays, there was a time when dolphins were considered kings of the fishes and would help carry deceased souls to the afterlife.

Also, you can have an outstretched dolphin or even a chain of them, nose to tail, to form a band or you can have a dolphin image curled around your bellybutton or on an ankle or shoulder. The fact that dolphins are very free spirited animals and seem to always be having fun jumping around in the peaceful blue waters of the ocean has a tendency to create a symbolism about them that we relate to fun and having a good time.
It has long been believed that dolphins serve as our connection between the world of men, and the underwater world of the sea. This is why many people believe that a dolphin tattoo has become such a popular one to get.
This interconnectedness between the dolphin and humanity has led to great understandings and innovations, like dolphin interaction and therapy. For many people is simply the idea of a totally free spirit out on its own and being the master of its own destiny.
A dolphin tattoo can be a great little reminder to have fun out of life and stay free wheeling.

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