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Advanced Healing Brush – Easily remove objects and fix defects—even those with irregular shapes such as threads or lint—with a single brush stroke. Radial Gradient – Lead your viewer’s eye through your images with more flexibility and control. Offline editing with Smart Previews – Easily work with images without bringing your entire library with you. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software helps you bring out the best in your photographs, whether you're perfecting one image, searching for ten, processing hundreds, or organizing thousands.Create incredible images that move your audience.
Interior design application that helps you placing your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview.
Additional, more detailed coverage including videos of the new LR CC features can be found on PhotoRumors. According to one online tutorial I saw, you need to go to Preferences somewhere to activate the GPU boost. Before I had to leave my computer earlier this afternoon, I still hadn’t been able to access the new version with my full CC account.
According to Adobe, the program clicks that on if it detects that your computer has a graphics card that it can make use of. The response time when I move a slider is instantaneous on my computer now with D700 RAW files. Although it is quite noisy due to the extreme underexposed, the result is pretty useable for desktop walpaper (credit to the sensor in d810).
Thank you that link worked for me and I was able to purchase and download the upgrade version.
For all their supposed technical skill, Adobe doesn’t understand the simple idea promulgated way back in 1991 of a persistent hyperlink. Adobe is busy selling Adobe cloud, they are presently not able to let you test, or upgrade, or buy the standalone Lightroom 6. I just posted how to get hold of the LR 6 trial from Adobe and it was deleted (assume Admin). Update: Just read in the manual, graphics acceleration only works in the main screen in develop module!!!! I think I’ll use the standalone and upgrade every version until they only offer it as the Creative Cloud version.
I’ve been a CC subscriber for almost 2 years and would not want to go back to the stand alone version.

For me it’s worth it too because I also use a lot of the programs and like to keep my graphics software up to date. It appears if Adobe is offering a subscription option for Lightroom only, I’m not seeing it. And not that it’s a surprise, but still no effort to support the 2nd most popular operating system in use.
People who defend subscription (yea, minority, but they exist) assume that we upgrade every year so its 149 for a year, so cc is cheaper. Yes, I tried it, but got an error because I’m living in Hong Kong and use a US version. I never import direct to Adobe Lightroom they don’t have the key to convert NEF files correct.
Try to compare a file coverted with Nikon software and Adobe Lightroom – I guess you will choose a Nikon converter in the future. What was originally intended to be a basic plugin for LR devolved into an advanced plugin with most of the FotoPlayer features now made compatible to work with LR (some of the features are first of it's kind for LR web plugin).
FotoPlayer for LR Plugin not only can build the web album but can be used to build your complete website.
22nd July 2010: Plugin updated to fix thumbnail display issue in Mac LR 3 live preview window. Plugin is now compatible with Lightroom v3.x and also backward compatible on Lightroom v2.x! Take precise control over what’s being removed as you make unwanted objects just disappear.
The radial gradient tool lets you create off-center vignette effects, or multiple vignette areas within a single image.
Combine still images, video clips, and music in creative HD videos that can be viewed on almost any computer or device. Lightroom includes a variety of easy-to-use book templates, and now you can edit them to create a customized look.
I’m still seeing the message you screen capped and not seeing the app available as a new app in my cc installer either.
I haven’t played around too much, but my d800 RAWs load considerably faster than LR5. Even if you buy and pay for the product Adobe does not give you a download link for the freestanding Lightroom 6.

When I started Lightroom just now I got an update notice, but the link only leads you to CC.
On first glance of playing with the new HDR feature is that it is pretty basic and will not yet compete with or replace more mature platforms such as Photomatix or HDR Efex. FotoPlayer is now available as a web plugin for Adobe Lightroom, one of the most popular photographic tool used by professional and amateur photographers.
You choose one of four correction methods, and Upright can even straighten images where the horizon is hidden. Make adjustments or metadata additions to Smart Previews and your changes will be automatically applied to the full-size originals later. I was wondering why I should pay $79 for the standalone version when I can pay $120 and get both Lightroom and Photoshop CC (I’m currently using a standalone of Lightroom and Photoshop CS5). All took me to CC with no way from that page to get to the links for the standalone version.
However after signing in I find it’s impossible to find a download site for an upgrade. And showcase your work in elegant print layouts, slide shows, and web galleries, as well as on popular photo-sharing sites. I think you will see an apparent noise already once an image was overexposed by 4 stop in previous LR. The first I tried was the healing brush, did a stroke and some time later the stroke showed up very stringy.
Of course, they haven’t been hitting yearly releases, and a lot of users are quite content to skip versions. All from within one fast, intuitive application.Lightroom is Adobe's effort to engage the professional photography community in a new way, giving you the opportunity to kick the tires and shape the feature set of a new tool being created just for you.
Ultimately, we want Lightroom to be truly built from the ground up by photographers, for photographers, helping solve your unique workflow challenges.Adobe Lightroom is a new, exciting product built from the ground up for professional photographers.

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