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Oh yes and like bp2be said, you’re looking at about $100 an hr but one of my artists is about $150 an hour but she does a hell of a job.
People always wonder why I got THAT of all things, but, at the time I got it I was in and getting out of a bad relationship and I wanted it as a reminder that there were better things out there for me (and even a better boyfriend).
My sparrow cost me $75 ($95 with tip) and my Celtic tree of life (which I am anxious to get covered, the lady did TERRIBLE) was $60.
I have an incredibly high pain tolerance from BMX racing and motocross, but I actually fell asleep getting the tattoo on my hip. First tat was on the ribs and I was super scared, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought and for something that tiny, it will be over before you know it.
I even got mine done by my exes family friend in a shop, and I have to get it covered up because it looks awful.

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