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We are now offering a full range of in-shop classes and tutorials, please feel free to contact us about large group events and discounts.
If you don't see anything that strikes your fancy in our existing stock, always feel free to request a quote on custom work via Email or our Contact Form.
Dragon's Breath Forge is built upon two of the most primal interests of the human species: fire and weapons. Beyond a love of fire and sharp-edged implements, we at Dragon's Breath Forge are committed to creating the most technically and aesthetically pleasing items that we possibly can. Please browse through the website to witness how successful we have been in the forming and combination of these materials.
Dragon's Breath Forge will be hosting the third annual Swords Through the Centuries Hammer-in. COLOR PREP: Using separate containers, add 1 teaspoon of the Merlot Sparkle Mica, Electric Bubble Gum Colorant, Fizzy Lemonade Colorant and Tangerine Wow into 1 tablespoon of a lightweight liquid oil, like sweet almond oil.
NINE: Pour about half of the yellow colored soap over the orange and down the side of the mold.

SIXTEEN: When you like the texture, spray the soap with 99% isopropyl alcohol to help prevent soda ash.
In addition to the new items, we have added the option for our patrons to pay directly (and securely) through PayPal! It is our opinion that a sword's function cannot be removed from its appearance without rendering it "spiritless", and an attractive knife made from poor materials can only be used to defend against an invasion of warm cheesea€¦ and we don't think NATO has contingency plans for that one! If you happen to be interested in something a bit more prosaic such as a railing or arbor, then please visit the Falling Hammer Productions website and check out the more socially acceptable side of our talent and creativity. Make sure kids, pets, and other distractions and tripping hazards are out of the house or don’t have access to your soaping space. When the lye water and the oils have cooled to around 130 degrees or below, and are ideally within 10 degrees of each other, add the lye water to the oils. Stick blend the oil and lye until it reaches thin trace.
It will pool in the corner of the mold. With the mold still at an angle, tap it gently on the counter to evenly disperse all the soap.
If you’d like a firmer bar of soap that releases faster from your mold, you can add sodium lactate to the cooled lye water mixture.

Put the mold back on the lid. The soap will be about medium to thick trace, which helps the layers stay suspended. Well, some people haven't, but those folks probably aren't checking out this website, so they are not our concern at the moment. Use 1 teaspoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils in your recipe. In this recipe, you’d add about 3 teaspoons of sodium lactate total. Using a whisk, fully mix the colors. To the other three containers with 200 mL, add the amounts below and whisk them in.

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