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Sharing many aspects of symbolism with lion tattoos, tiger tattoos are a common choice, a combination of beauty and strength.
Tiger images and statues are used to ward off evil spirits and bring luck to families and businesses. The geometric shapes and swirls of the tribal tattoo style work very well on tiger tattoos. The largest (and one of the rarest) of all tiger species, with males reaching over ten feet from nose-tip to tail-tip, the Siberian tiger haunts the forests of Southeastern Russia and parts of China . Perilously close to extinction, only a few hundred of these majestic animals remain in the wild. A man called Dennis Smith (San Diego), is turning himself into a tiger with the help of cosmetic surgery and tattoos. If you don't have a tiger in your heart, you might start regretting your tattoo some day (and let me tell you, tattoo removal is not easy, nor cheap on such a large tattoo). The natural stripes on a tiger's coat, as well as the action with which the cat moves lend themselves well to be stylized in the tribal style.
He was captured and brought to the United States where he was bread to a normal colored tiger. Tiger tattoos depicting the Siberian tiger are symbolic in and of themselves -- power unmatched.

I have yet to see the first guy with a baby tiger tattoo, but it's a fairly popular feminine tattoo design. Like with so many of the tribal animals I have drawn in the past, I have developed a new way that is easier for me to make patterns for tribal art and tribal tattoos. Using the shape you made in step one, begin sketching out the actual diamond shape of the head structure and then draw the spade shaped ears.
Make some tribal marks on the face and if you follow the pattern in the step, you will eventually form the eyes, cheeks, and muzzle. We are continuing with drawing out the tribal marks on the face beginning with the forehead, and then add the tribal marks on the snout, and then draw the nose tip. The face is finally done which means you can get started with drawing out the body that is going to be visible. After everything is cleaned up, your tribal animal should come out looking amazing just like the one you see here.
With this lesson I will be filling a request for me to do a tutorial on "how to draw a tribal bear", step by step. Draw in some tribal markings inside of the ear along the bottom corners like so, and then make markings along the cheek line. Make the wide shaped M in the center of the back, and then continue with the lining until you form the shoulders and upper arms.

All you have to do is draw out the claws on each foot in a tribal manner, and then add more markings on the inside of the left leg. Once that is done like the way you see it here, draw in the teeth, as well as the marks inside of the ears and then around the eyes.
A few well known species that where often talked about was eagles, wolves, horses, buffalo, and of course bears.
Other animal species are also known with the native people, but the ones I listed have always been the most prominent of their history, and even with the times of today. I had a lot of fun making this bear because it was a challenge for me to conjure up the idea.
I think you will enjoy drawing a tribal bear because it is an odd animal to transform into tribal art.

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