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On women, some only consider the area from the bottom of their neck to the top of the upper curve of their breasts as the chest tattoo area.
It’s an artsy thing, not sure where the rules of tatto colors originated, but I heard the saying from an old ink master years ago. You can tell by the look on the girls face she is very proud of her chest tattoo, as anyone should be that got such a nice piece of jewelry.
The artist of this eagle tattoo has taken a design style that is pretty standard and made it into something unique.
Even though this is a great looking tattoo, I would prefer to see it take up the whole chest area and up around the neck. I do see some great possibilities out of chest tattoos of this nature, but again it could be unfinished and we are not seeing the finished product. Eagles have long been an American icon and a popular subject for a variety of different tattoo designs. Eagles tend to be a very popular tattoo for those who have been in the service and motorcycle riders. When you want something truly magnificent to showcase your patriotism or love of freedom, you cannot go wrong with an eagle tattoo.
From flowers to skulls and zodiac signs to the favorite symbols, chest tattoos are the best way to express the unsaid emotions. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Cover Up Tattoos, Fairy Tattoos, and Chest Tattoos. They can combine many different design elements, much more then could be incorporated into a smaller design. Yes anyone that has a hot chest tattoo like this has to love jewelry because that’s exactly what this is. He has forgone the usual accruments of this genre such as American flags, olive branches and arrows but has included a simple wall clock between the eagles claws. The eagle itself can be the largest part of the tattoo, or you can opt to include an eagle on other objects, such as the blade of a sword, or within a landscape background. There are some very striking eagles created as tribal art, with thick black lines shaped into a representation of the bird. Because it symbolizes freedom, these magnificent birds are a natural for those who like to fly, fight for their country, or ride an iron horse.

With such a tattoo inked a person can look not only amazing but it adds that extra wow to their personality. Before getting yourself a chest tattoo, be sure because it is a permanent mark of your love and devotion to your favorite.
He works frequently in the fields of graphic design, web design, web development, programming, audio, music and computer graphics. But, there are also some considerations that you should keep in mind before embarking on getting a chest tattoo. There are differing opinions on the pain level of chest tattoos, although there are typically agreed upon areas that are more painful than others.
It is called permanent jewelry and it’s as colorful and majestic as any diamond necklace in existence. If it does, then this hot necklace is a one of a kind, because most tattoos like this stop right at the top of the shoulders, that way someone looking from the backside would not notice it at all. There is probably no other animal that can capture the pure essence of freedom better then an eagle.
It has lots of eye catching colors along with well designed objects, but it doesn’t have that finished appeal. If you look closely at how the curves kind of melt into the rest of the tattoo forms, you will see some great artwork in there. Often eagles are inked in a variety of colors, but they can be just as eye-catching in black and white, particularly done in the tribal or Egyptian art style. Then again, others prefer the eagle’s enormous wing span across the top of their back and shoulders. Those who like to show off their patriotic pride often choose the iconic bald eagle for body art, too.
These days the trend of chest tattoos has become popular and men and women love to take that pain for the beautiful piece of art on their body. It should be the epitome of your favorites and you should feel proud of what you have got each time you make your body bare.
He is one of the founders of Presidia, an entrepreneurial team designed at empowering the creative media community. These areas include the breast bone where there’s less fat and muscle to cushion the bone beneath the skin and for some, close to, around and over the nipples can also be more painful.

The bearer is free from the confines of time or he at least refuses to be bound by the rigors of time.
Most chest tattoos like this are connected in such a way, that they seem to go from the center and then move outwards.
This guy I am sure is very proud of his chest tattoos or he wouldn’t be walking around without his shirt on. Paired with a snake, the tattoo becomes a representation of harmony, or part of the Mexican flag, when the eagle is perched atop a cactus. Most often eagles are large pieces of art, but they can be minimized for inking on nearly any part of the body. These tattoos are large and often contain a large amount of detail, therefore they often can become quite expensive. The final thing I would like to note is finding a qualified tattoo artist to do your chest piece.
But, I have to admit that when I saw the eagle tattoo in the picture for the first time I was really impressed. It’s a demonstration of a cool and laid back lifestyle that many of us would envy, but few of us can actually enjoy. Personally I say, get a little more added to it to make it looks just a little more connected.
It should be someone who is well experienced in performing these tattoos as they can be quite complicated to perform. I like the combination of colors on this chest tattoo because it uses more than 3 and less than 10.
Not because it is better done then the tattoos that I had seen previously but because of it’s originality. The area typically referred to as the chest for male tattoos is the area running between the bottom of their neck to the top of their stomach.

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