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The first lesson I will be uploading is going to teach all that want to learn, "how to draw tattoo art", step by step. Start off by making a circle for the head of the skull, and then add the outlined shape of the open jaw like so. You will now start drawing out the right cheek bone structure like so, and then draw the top part of the gum line. It's now time to color in the eyes, draw out and color in the nose, and then slowly draw the shape of the tribal like wings. Add some definition detailing to the screaming mouth, and then draw in the lower row of teeth.
Start by drawing a simple single line that starts off straight, but then makes a lightning bolt pattern. Starting on the other side, begin with drawing out, then coloring in the first part of the tribal pattern. For the last step, draw another tip that will extend the size of the second point from the top. Here you have the finished product of an easy to draw tribal pattern that is both fun to create, and even better to place on your skin.
Currently what I have in my assemblage is a beautiful post of Mehndi designs for all the stylish and sophisticated girls out there.

I have so many different designs that I submitted over time as tattoos, and so far they have all been liked.
Next, draw in the shape of the screaming jaw like so and then draw in the eye sockets like you see here. Once that is all done you can begin drawing the teeth like so, and add some detailing around the top of the jaw, and on the base of the wings. Once that is done add detailing to the wings, and then add a fang to the left side of the top row of teeth like so. Once that is done you can color in the void of the mouth, and then start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.
There is plenty of points and straight edges as part of the design which means it's going to be ultra cool. Slop around to the right, then come down using a slightly curved angle as you make the point of the tribal design with a small hook at the tip like you see here.
The same tribal butterfly tattoo has different meaning when engraved on different parts of the body. I’m sure there are some artists that disliked some of the tattoo art that is on the site, and that is totally fine because everybody has a right to their own opinion.
Before leaving this step you will have to add some detailing to the forehead, eyes, and cheek. The crossover pattern that used for the top portion of the tribal art is one of my favorite aspects of the design.

I left the coloring black with a gray colored background but you can choose your own color pallet if you want. I personally think that the drawing came out awesome, and I can also totally see this design on the body of both male and female. I can't wait for you guys to try out this tutorial on drawing tribal, I think you will like how simple I made it.
A female version of this tattoo would only look good if it were small, and the male version of the tattoo would look good medium to large on a shoulder or calf.
As for the complexity level of replicating what I have created, believe it or not, but it’s not going to be that difficult. I know how much a lot of the members on Dragoart love skulls and tattoo designs, and because of this fact I wanted to make sure that everyone was able to tackle this lesson with little difficulty.
I think you will have fun learning "how to draw tattoo art", and when you are done you can look over your work, and maybe add some of your own personal touches to make it even more screaming.

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