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Recently I have been experimenting with the YouTube video editor and some HD video created with my Nikon D7000 digital camera. The YouTube Video Editor is free to access and use to edit clips together if you have a YouTube account. If you upload some videos to your YouTube Channel you can view them and edit them together with the YouTube Video Editor using a variety of transitions and titling tools. During experimentation with the system these features were tried out and 1080p HD video edited together. The YouTube video editor will handle video up to 1080p and will edit clips together with a variety of transitions, most of which I would not recommend for the majority of video work. Titling is simple but reasonably stylish if used carefully, though the choice of a single font and centre alignment of text does prove limiting if text goes onto two lines. Video is created on Google’s own YouTube servers therefore rendering 1080p video quickly and without using your own computers resources which is valuable if you need to get on with other tasks and onlt have one PC. When adding a soundtrack to the edited 1080p sequence, the audio noticeably stuttered and restarted within the first 10 seconds which essentially made it unusable. When using both fade transitions and audio an internal server error occurred when I tried to publish the video. The YouTube video editor provides a useful tool for those people who want to create video but do not necessarily have the processing power to deal with the high volumes of data used when processing HD. In the monthly "Ethical Inquiry" series, we examine ethical questions, highlighting a broad array of opinion from journalism, academia, and advocacy organizations.
Have suggestions for additional content that looks at the ethical issues surrounding digital photo manipulation?
Comment on this "Ethical Inquiry" on the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life's Facebook page.
Sentences and paragraphs that open in different ways and include connective words within will hold a reader’s attention because they help to lead the reader easily from one point to the next. Conversely, if sentences and paragraphs are written in short, staccato-like sentences with no words that connect the sentences, reading is very difficult. We’d be happy to quote on any business, academic, government work for print or online writing, editing, proofreading or web development.
Call Susie Stevens for professional advice and service on 0410 037 635 or email Susie today for a free quote. More publishing tips from Susie Stevens, Professional Freelance Editor based in Sydney Australia.
Blogs have become an essential aspect of any successful business marketing plan or strategy. A business blog must know its target demographic and understand how to connect with readers. Once topics have been nailed down, the writing needs to be error-free, creative and engaging. Thankfully, technology is providing an endless amount of tools to assist online writers in the proofreading and editing process. This tool shows blog writers how to create content for their target audience by guiding them through a step-by-step process. Business users can sign up for a free ProWritingAid account and receive a thorough grammar and spell check. With this tool writers can choose their level and style, making it easier to edit according to the needs of online writing, rather than essays or academic papers. This straightforward, web-based proofreading tool allows writers to copy and paste their content directly on the site.
Since online writing needs to be short and sweet, business bloggers must have a thorough knowledge of the brand they are representing. Sometimes a writer’s content may be useful and creative, however, it may be presented in a way that is not optimized or edited for online viewing.

From your experience it seems like it was easy enough to use, and that you really found value in maintaining your standard of writing for your target audience.
I created a Simcoemedia YouTube account and channel for my video portfolio and a hidden channel called VisualSnippet for my experimental videos. In addition you can add a soundtrack and even incorporate creative commons video to add additional clips appropriate to your narrative. However, having used the fade and horizontal wipe to join clips these provided some useful alternatives to cutting clips directly. With a bit of patience a suitable soundtrack can be found for the majority of circumstances. The final part of the fades on 1080p video noticeably seemed overcompensate on the bright areas of the video creating a distracting oversaturation on bright areas just prior to completely fading. This occurred on all attempts until the music track was removed and only the original audio used. Clients include Loughborough University, Greenbarnes Ltd, Via Mat International [Switzerland], Torse Ltd as well as individuals such as Kristan Bromley, Skeleton Bobsleigh World Champion and Gordon Giltrap. Our intent is to illuminate and explore the complexity of some of the most vexing ethical questions of our time. I love the simplicity of them, and am constantly drawn towards monochromes when processing.
Likewise, long-winded rambling sentences without a variety of connecting words are very difficult to read.
And while blogs have opened the door to more affordable and new marketing ideas, they have also increased the workload involved. The service provides users with a personalized “score” that acts as a goal for maximum impact, helping users better cater to their reader’s interests. The distraction free word processer’s features and design are equally as minimal as its mantra. Their professional writers specialize in various areas of interest and are able to cater to any style or format during the editing and proofreading process. You chance ruining your business reputation and career by forgetting to properly reference information, or by publishing content that already exists online. It’s an all-in-one tool that offers users access to live corrections, real-time support, thorough dictionary resources and text readers (automated voice that reads your writing aloud) with translation features.
It’s an excellent go-to proofreader for any online content writer and should be used before any content is published. Users can check their readability and eliminate any errors to increase flow and connection with their readers. Users will receive a quick and efficient scan for errors, as well as suggested corrections and explanations.
Like Hemingway himself, the app helps users eliminate run-on sentences and overuse of adverbs.
It’s natural to require a second set of eyes and multiple drafts before achieving high-quality work. It’s easy for writing to turn from subjective to objective, however, when writing for a business, a writer should have clear goals and concise viewpoints. Blogging itself is time-consuming and needs to be done consistently to obtain the largest audience. These hidden videos give me opportunity to try out some of the YouTube features without the risk of interfering with a channel I use as a portfolio of Simcoemedia commercial productions. As audio makes up a significant proportion of the video experience, it is worth spending time selecting the best track.
Audio can be added once the clips have been edited together but this is not clear during the main editing processes. In fact, well constructed sentences and paragraphs  show the reader the connections between ideas and from one sentence to the next.

And they have significantly increased the ability for businesses to reach a large target audience. Business blog writers need to be proficient with their initial research and be able to find and write about topics geared towards the brand’s target audience. It allows writers to save drafts and view them on the same screen to better analyze the structure and provides adequate proofreading as well.
Use Plagtracker’s unique plagiarism checking algorithm to be sure your writing is 100% unique. The editing process can make or break the impact of a post, so it’s imperative for your writers focus on it appropriately and to include engaging visuals, infographics, photos and videos as well.
And every post must be high quality; once you start posting useless information you will lose readers, rather than be able to gain new ones.
Begin using the tools listed above today and watch as your blog gains a solid online presence, ultimately boosting your connection with customers and fans. Lighting Editing: Contrast and LuminanceThe keys to stunning black and white images is your use of light, and the tonal range within the frame. The way you utilize light is determined as you shoot, while the tonal range can be adjusted in post processing to draw attention to where you want it.
Yes, factors within the frame do affect tones (such as clothing and background colours), but post processing ultimately puts the final touches that make black and white images more effective than colour. Please note these are also based on the assumption that your exposure and white balance were either correct sooc, or have already been corrected.
If you are following along and haven’t done that, go and do it now!ContrastWhat exactly is contrast? Some images may be considered high or low key, and may have have all tones represented, but you can still ask – Are the dark areas as dark as they are supposed to be? Essentially, for a “clean” black and white edit, you want your shadows to be true shadows, and your highlights to be bright. I prefer setting the black and white points independently, so I don’t personally use this option often, but be aware that it is an option.Instead, use the tone curve. The steeper the slope, the more contrast at that range.A simple “s” curve will create more contrast through the midtones, leaving the black and white points untouched.Creating a “bump” increases the brighter areas of the midtones, but notice how the lighter midtones are slightly flatter?
This means there is more contrast right in the mid-range (steeper slope) and slightly less contrast at the upper end. This is usually the range that skin falls into, and a slight decrease in contrast here can minimize wrinkles (hint – great for selfies!)You’ll need to stick with the combined RGB channel for this section.
Using individual channels will create a colour tint.As another option, you can use the adjustment brush and increase contrast slightly there.
This will create contrast on full tonal range, but only where you brush it on, and you can be subtle l with the opacity here too.You can even play around with vignettes. While this isn’t “true” contrast, darkening the edges of the frame slightly will draw viewers in and creates a subtle change in tones to direct the eye. I try to make sure that it’s still there a little, because I think that they way kids dress themselves adds to the story, but that’s a personal choice and you may prefer to minimize it even more.So to recap, a good strategy is to get a full tonal range with the black and white points, adjust global contrast, then selectively adjust local contrast using either the tone curve or adjustment brush. Danika Dickson - Guest PostI’m a hobby photographer living on the west coast of Canada. Through my lens, I can slow down and take notice of the little things that mean so much to me.
I’m primarily a natural light photographer, and take my camera pretty much everywhere I go.

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