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Audacity software makes it possible for users to jump from the start of an audio to its end part. Audacity is a free and open source software used in editing audio, this editor is filled with remarkable features.
Speed adjustment is provided which does not affect the user’s actual audio despite playing it faster than normal.

Users don’t have to flip back and forth for it allows the use of a single editor and functions both as a wave and multi-track editor. Recording of an audio with the use of a mixer or a microphone is possible, it presents user with a new and improved device toolbar, and above all it comes with a super low latencies.
So if users want to edit the end part of an audio, simply select the end menu and it will allow users to jump to the end part.

Audacity comes with tons of bug fixes too so if you want to edit an audio easily then try Audacity software, it will not even consume a lot of your hard drive space.

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