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The 16th annual Redland International Orchid Festival event this year was held at the Fruit and Spice Park located at 24801 S.W. Two orchid supply vendors, OFE International  and Broward Orchid Supply, were available to provide supplies to help care for and grow orchids. The Redlands International Orchid Festival is also an AOS judged event with ribbons given out to winners in various categories. Quite a few members from the Naples Orchid Society were there busily making multiple purchases to take back to Naples and enjoy in their greenhouses, on their lanais, and in their homes.  When the festival rolls around next year, members should think about going there and letting loose, maybe even deciding to go on a bus, making it easier to bring home many beautiful plants.

The orchid merchants from Homestead, Florida, were Amazonia Orchids, Carib Orchids, Henington Farm, Motes Orchids, RF Orchids, Ruben in Orchids, Sedona Orchids, Soroa Orchids, Stelmar Gardens, and Whimsey Orchids.
Both of these merchants have participated in the annual Naples Orchid Society Show and Sale.
Dishes included anything from American food to Thai food, Cajun cooking, Greek food, and so much more. Some of these merchants have participated in the annual Naples Orchid Society Show and Sale.

Other sellers, Mac’s Orchids, Plantio La Orquidea, and Odom’s Orchids have also been vendors at our show.

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