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It used to take a lot of courage (and pain tolerance) to have both your arms covered in crazy tattoo designs - until now! I got one of these as part of a barf bag set, and I can tell you it is painfully realistic!
Learn how to draw a ‘Fake Tattoo' using a ballpoint pen and some colored highlighters, by watching this video. My grandma threw a fit when my younger brother got a tattoo a couple years ago, so (naturally) I thought it would be funny to put these on while I was at her house for Thanksgiving dinner! Begin by drawing a faint design of your choice at the back of your palm, using a ballpoint pen.

They come in 12 different styles, so make sure you click through all the pictures before picking out the style that's right for you.
My assorted relatives thought it was funny when they saw me sneaking the things on, but Meemaw was another story! I barely had time to rip the things off and blurt out "They're FAKE!" in time to avoid what would likely have been the worst beating of my life. Now according to your choice, fill colors in the drawing using colored green, blue, yellow and pink highlighters. While my life was flashing in front of my eyes and Granny was de-Hulking, the rest of the family had a great laugh.
Begin with the yellow color and blend it together with the other color applied in each area, using your fingers.

The only complaint was from my uncle, who was disappointed I could get them off quick enough to avoid a beating! The drawing can be extended right up to your fore arm area, depending on the design chosen.

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