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American Saul Bass has a 40-year career and is definitely one of the most famous graphic designers. The Italian Modernist designer is the co-founder of Vignelli Associates and writer “Vignelli: from A to Z”, a book that describes principles and concepts of good design. The fist female principal At Pentagram design studio, Paula Scher is a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, educator in design and the 16th person to receive the School of Visual Art’s Masters Series Award.
Best known for his famous corporate logos designs, Paul Rand is one of the most famous graphic designers and one of the originators of the Swiss Style, a graphic design that promotes objectivity and readability. The New York artist studied graphic design at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and later received a scholarship at Pratt Institute. Widely recognized with his nom de plume Cassandre, Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron was an eminent twentieth century Ukrainian-French graphic designer, painter, typeface designer and commercial poster artist. Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron was born in a French household on January 24, 1901, in Kharkov, Ukraine.
In 1923, Cassandre designed his first poster that characterized his innovative and unique style, influenced by cubism and surrealism. Furthermore, Cassandre’s work bridged the gap between the two art forms; fine art and commercial art.
Margaret Calvert is a popular South African-born, British graphic designer and typographer.
As luck would have it, Jock Kinnear, an outstanding graphic designer, mentored Calvert at Chelsea when Schleger left. Working together, they developed a typeface, Transport that displayed both upper and lower-case sans-serif lettering. Calvert also created easy-to-understand pictograms based on pre-existing European warning signs. For a Halloween treat, the creative community at DesignCrowd have imagined what World landmarks would look like after a zombie apocalypse. She has won many awards during her 31?-year career as a designer for the Cleveland Jewish News, including best graphic designer quite revolutionary for us to do at the time,” she said. Tagged with: famous graphic designers of the 21th century, famous graphic designers of the 21st century, famous graphic designers of today, famous graphic designers of the 90s, famous graphic designers of 2016, famous graphic designers of 20th century, famous graphic designers of india, famous graphic designers of pakistan, famous graphic designers of all time, famous graphic designers of the 70's, famous graphic designers of the world, famous graphic designers of 2000, famous graphic designers of the 19th century, famous graphic designers of 2014, famous graphic designers of 2013, famous graphic designers of the 60s, famous graphic designers of the 1950s, famous graphic designers of canada, influential graphic designers of the 21st century, influential graphic designers of the 20th century. The explosion of new brands determine an increased need for graphic materials like logos, posters, websites. He collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers in the world: Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Otto Preminger and others.
With a vast experience in interior design, graphic design, product design and furniture design, Vignelli uses basic geometric forms in his art work to achieve sublime simplicity. A teacher at the School of Visual Arts since 1992, the American Institute of Graphic Design and various international associations awarded her with more than 300 prizes. The Yale University professor is responsible for the logos of IBM, UPS, ABC and Steve Job’s NeXT.

The poster created especially for a cabinet maker came to known as Au Bucheron, which depicts a woodcutter cutting down a tree with an axe. He mastered the airbrushing techniques which facilitated him in creating seamless artworks that was not only received positively in Europe but United States as well.
During this period he also accepted a teaching position at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs and subsequently at Rue Ferou. She is recognized for her collaboration with Jock Kinneir designing many road signs spread throughout United Kingdom. Notwithstanding the fact that their sign system had full support of the Anderson Committee, Colin Forbes and modernist Herbert Spencer, it was heavily attacked by the traditionalists. These pictorial instructions for road users included the signs for crossing of livestock animals that was modeled after Patience and schoolchildren nearby was depicted through a girl leading a boy by hand. There are many famous graphic designers that have made their mark on the graphic design world.
We even use graphic design for simple things like bubble gum wrap, T-shirts and credit cards. He is also known for his film posters, corporate logos, title sequences and motion pictures designs.
Sagmaister is known for his work in graphics, branding, packaging and the album covers designed for clients like The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Lou Reed and David Byrne. There he received his formal art education from the independent studio of Lucien Simon and l’Academie Julian, Ecole des Beaux-Arts. The agency served a variety of clients looking for assistance in advertisement of their enterprise. The onset of World War II interrupted Cassandre’s career as he was drafted into French army and was demobilized upon France’s defeat. She provided signing programmes for British rail, motorways, airports authority and the all-purpose roads among other things. During 1950s she attended Chelsea College of Art where she took up a four-year course in illustration. Over the decades the sign system has been modified in accordance with the road users’ needs. Some of the most famous corporate logos are designed by Bass, like AT&T bell and globe logos, Continental Airlines “jetstream” and United Airlines “tulip” logos. Parisians were immediately impressed by Cassandre’s artistic skills which culminated in his increasing fame. He is recognized for working with the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits for whom he designed a travel poster.
In fact, Cassandre’s work of art possesses traces of futurist inspiration with their energy and dynamism. He returned to his business that was demolished in the aftermath of war, and in order to survive he offered his services to design stage sets and costumes for the theatre.

Besides, she also served as a part-time teacher between 1961 and 2001, at the Royal College of Art. Calvert proved to have exceptional illustrating skills that impressed her teachers, albeit she was not quite fond of the subject. In the following year, Au Bucheron secured first place at Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs. What she aspired to be was a designer but the field of graphic designing was not yet introduced. Sir Walter Worboys was designated the chairman of the committee who was assigned the task of reviewing the entire network of road signs throughout Britain. In addition to designing road sign system, Calvert has also developed commercial fonts for Monotype. The latter is considered a distinctive poster for it was specifically designed to be seen from fast-moving vehicle. He also experimented with typography which resulted in him designing the noted advertising typeface Bifur. In his final years, Cassandre suffered from bouts of depression and eventually ended up committing suicide in 1968. As she continued to work at Kinneir’s office in Knightsbridge, she developed considerable interest in lettering.
Their firm had been renamed as Kinneir Calvert and Associates by the time the review committee produced the report and put it into effect. The original and inventive graphic solutions that Cassandre’s posters offered set them apart from others.
According to Calvert, they were instructed to simply concentrate on just the idea not to incorporate the typography or lettering while designing a poster. Being commissioned by clients, such as the Milk Marketing Board and P&O, sharpened her skills. Calvert and Kinneir’s creation, the New Transport typeface is currently in use by the single domain GOV.UK website. One of her professors Schleger, dissuaded their class from learning typography believing they were too old for the task. The Anderson Committee commissioned their firm to design a road sign system for the new motorways. The signs were to be designed for driver’s guidance, hence were supposed to deliver concise information that could be read at speed.

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